Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's over.

Tonight was our last night of HomeBuilders.  It was really good.  We split up into guys and girls the whole time so I spend the whole evening talking just with the other girls in the group.  I noticed a few of the gals were more chatty this way.  It's a shame that just as we're getting to know everyone, etc that it's all over!  It was a good study though and now we'll be checking out the Young Adults group and see how that goes.  I'm looking forward to continuing getting connected with people at church.  It's been over a year and we still hardly know anyone from our area.  I think it's because I don't work with anyone my age...neither does Peter...so it's hard to get friends at work.  In any case, we're really getting to know people at church and Young Adults should just add to that.  

Today at work I didn't do too much.  I was doing a lot of what I like to call "personal" work.  Basically I was paying bills, writing checks, and sending emails to family about the upcoming Christmas season and when we'll be where and making plans to do fun things!  I'm so glad we'll be able to take a week over Christmas and get to see both sides of our family longer this year than last year.  I also spent some time talking to my boss and helping her with ideas for her 3 yr old daughter's halloween costume.  She's being rudolph and Roni (my boss) has been sewing her costume.  She didn't have any jingle bells so I brought in a box of mine for her to use.  She was so thankful!  I like that I really get along well with Roni.  She's a very reasonable boss and easy going on taking time off and going to dr appts, etc.  I really appreciate that about her.  
Yesterday I got 2 packages in the mail.  One was the bag I ordered from Ebay which is really cute!  This is the image from the Ebay ad.  It has a zipper closure which I really like and plenty of space with a few inside pockets.  It's kind of neutral but also has some color and a nice design.
I also got one of Peter's anniversary gifts that I had ordered online.  I was so excited and Peter's curiosity was killing him....so I gave it to him early!  It's a 2008 3 Stooges calendar :)  It's even got Sept 07-Dec 07 in it so he can use it now.  If you spent $12.99 on this website, you got free shipping so I also ordered this $2 12x12 picture so that I got the free shipping.  Otherwise, I was paying $4.95 for shipping...so it was actually cheaper to get this picture!  It matches really well with our bedroom so I'm going to mat it and frame it and hang it in there.  I have a bunch of pictures to still hang upstairs.  I have to finish painting the hallway first and then hang the pictures I bought for the hall and then finish with the decoration of both bedrooms.  This house is still a work in progress, but I love that it's HOME.   

I was just informed by Peter that it's time to go to bed because we've been staying up too late this week and need more rest....soo.....goodnight!

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