Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Birthday Wishes..

This time it's to Nana celebrating her 75th birthday this year!  Happy Birthday!  

Work today dragged out for a long time and it seemed like 3 days had passed between the time Peter dropped me off at 9 and picked me up at 5.  Then we grabbed dinner at Wendy's for $6.16 haha and headed home to grab our things and came to my parents' house in Hollidaysburg.  We gave my mom her birthday present, which she loved and said she almost bought herself haha.  I'm not surprised....we are very much alike in many ways-decorating being one of them.  We talked and ate a bit for a while with my mom and dad.  Mostly about Wendy, Ryan, and Bryson.  What a terrible situation and very sad.  *Moves on before she begins typing 3285329582 pages worth of emotions and thoughts on this subject*

Then we watched "Mr. Brooks" with Kevin Costner.  It came highly recommended from my brother Mark and Ashley.  I liked it a lot.  My mom and Peter did too but it lost my dad's interest about halfway through...however I think it was more because he was tired haha.  

Tomorrow should be a busy, but fun day filled with shopping, eating, and movies--I better rest up!  

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