Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday? YES!

I am so glad that it's Friday and that this crazy hectic week is over!  Unfortunately I've been sick the whole week but it hasn't been as bad as it was over the weekend.  I just came home after work on Monday and basically did nothing but make some dinner and watch tv...I was really too tired to do anything else.  On Tuesday, we went to Young Adults but I wasn't feeling great so I wasn't too into any of it.  I had a headache and was sniffling, etc. so was glad to just come home and hit the sack after a full day of work and then dinner and YA at church.  I hadn't been sleeping very well at that point in the week so Tuesday night before I fell asleep I asked Peter to say a prayer for me and also said a prayer myself for me to be able to sleep through the night (something I hadn't done in a few nights).  When my alarm went off the next morning, I was so happy to hear it haha.  Not really happy but glad that I had actually slept the entire night through.  It was so refreshing and gave me a lot more energy throughout the day.  Wednesday night Peter and I came home and I made some yummy taco salad for dinner and we cleaned and finally unpacked our luggage from the trip that's been sitting in the spare room half unpacked.  We also watched the "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" show on TV.  It was Peter's first time seeing it but I watch it every year.  While we watched it, we also decorated our house for Christmas.  It looks great!  I'll post pictures sometime soon.  Tomorrow we're going to get our Christmas tree and will also decorate the outside of our house...I'm so excited!  On Thursday we finished cleaning by sweeping all the floors and putting random things away from around the house...basic redding up.  Today was really long day at work, especially for Peter because his boss was kind of being a jerk and he didn't end up picking me up for 1.5 hours so we were both happy to see each other at 6:30.  We stopped at Giant Eagle for a few groceries and also to get gift cards to buy our new microwave this weekend and some Christmas presents.  At GE, they're doing double fuelperks for gift cards so it's a great deal!  Speaking of gift cards, our CEO gave us all 2 $25 gift cards today as a Christmas present.  I got one for Bed, Bath and Beyond (which I love!) and one for Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Bahama Breeze/Smokey Bones (it works at any of the 4 places) so I was happy!  We also stopped at Chick Fil A for dinner.  They have their 2008 calendars on sale for $5...but we got it for free because if you buy a $20 gift card, you get it free.  So we bought the gift card and then used it to buy our dinner for $13.95 haha.  So we got dinner, plus half a dinner next time we go and a calendar for $20.  Plus the calendar has coupons in it for free sandwiches, drinks, meals, etc each month so it would more than pay for itself even if you did buy it for $5.  After dinner, we stopped at DSW to look for winter boots.  I didn't find anything though :(  We also stopped at TJ Maxx to look but nothing again...I did however find a pair of super cute comfy black heels for $25!  I bought them but am not sure if I'll keep them....Peter says I don't really need them but my other rounded toe ones aren't as comfy as these I dunno...something to think about haha.  My aunt Paula also came over tonight and is staying the night until tomorrow.  She's going to come get a tree with us and help decorate, etc.  Should be so fun!  We stayed up chatting until like 11:40 (except Peter was exhausted and went to bed before that).  Now I'm getting sleepy as I type this and watch "What Not To Wear" so I'm going to go rest up for another fun weekend!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

1 YEAR!!!

Today marks our 1 year wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it's already been a whole year?!?!  God has been so good to us and has really blessed us beyond our expectations.  We've had an incredibly awesome first year of marriage and are looking forward to many more to come!  :)  

The only bummer of today was the fact that I was (am) still sick.  We skipped church because I didn't get a good night's sleep so I laid in bed for a while longer.  We didn't do anything extravagant but had a great day together.  Peter and I had already exchanged our anniversary presents and had a nice dinner in Naples together so we spent our actual anniversary in our pjs just relishing in our love for each other and recalling memories from last year.  

We watched a couple good movies today, including: "The Fugitive", "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause", and "The Santa Clause".  I had Peter put pork in the crock pot when he woke up so for dinner we had BBQ pulled pork and I made homemade baked mac & cheese and broccoli to go with it.  It was sooo yummy!  After dinner, we both got showers and got ready for bed, but before we hit the sack we cut our cake!  The icing isn't the same as our original cake, but it was the same cake: marble with buttercream icing and bavarian creme filling...sooo good!  

Here's us...fresh from the shower and sick and celebrating our love:

The free replica cake from our wedding cake lady:

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday-Saturday: Sick.

Well I had a great time in Naples...too bad I came back with a cold! The travels home sure were hectic and probably didn't help haha. Thursday at midnight we left Naples and drove to Ft. Lauderdale for our 5:40 flight. We had planned to grab something to eat at Denny's but when we got there, neither of us were really hungry so we got coffee/hot chocolate and quickly departed. It was probably the scariest/most run down Denny's we've ever seen haha.

We arrived at the airport at 2:45 and found no one to be around. We couldn't print our boarding passes until 3:45 am (we had checked in via iPhone but needed to print them still). So there were all kinds of couch-like sitting areas so we plopped down and read/napped/listened to music for an hour. At that time, we found the screens still not working to print our passes, but around 4:00 we finally were able to! But there still wasn't anyone from AirTran there to check our bags so we stood in line waiting since the airport was getting crowded and we saw workers arriving anyways. Finally at 4:15 AM, they opened and had a huge mess of people to deal with. It was really their own fault though because several of them were at work and just hiding in the back haha. Luckily we were first in line and didn't have to wait long. Then we wandered over to security, which still wasn't open haha. 5-10 minutes later and they opened and we got to the gate for our plane at about 5 AM. We just sat there and I was feeling awful at this point. Peter got me some hot tea when the little cafe opened and we boarded the plane at 5:30. Unfortunately, we sat on the plane for a half hour before taking off because of a problem with having the wrong pilot on board. I fell asleep waiting to take off haha. 1.5 hrs + a quick connection in Atlanta (luckily it was close by!) + another 1.5 hr flight and we were in Pittsburgh! We arrive to find over an inch of snow on our car to brush off. I was excited to see it snowing. It made it feel soooo Christmasy! I don't think Peter was as excited haha. But when we left the airport, it was barely snowing and no other place had snow on the ground. :(

We drove up to BF, stopped for Starbucks for me on the way, to pick up Cadi at Barney's and Peter helped them move the washer/dryer from the basement so Barney could take them to his new apt. Another hour drive and we were finally HOME! I felt bad for Peter because he was doing all the driving to/from our vacation and I kept getting quick naps in. He said he didn't mind though. I'm so lucky to have him do those kinds of things! We slept until about 6 PM on Friday and forced ourselves to get up because we didn't want to mess up our sleeping schedules too badly. We hit the sack again before 10PM though haha.

Today, we woke up and were big lazy bums. At 12, we left to go pick up a replica of our wedding cake (top portion only) for free from our cake lady from last year. We also stopped at the mall for lunch and to look for a new microwave (ours died on Friday night). No luck with the microwave, but I did find a cute pair of pants haha. The malls were so crowded! It's definitely holiday shopping time. I'm glad I've already got a huge chunk of shopping done! This evening we ate dinner at home after grabbing some groceries at Giant Eagle and watched random tv shows/played on our computers and now off to bed and it's not even 10 PM yet.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random Sights of Naples

Each time we drove anywhere, I was constantly snapping random pictures. Here's some of the better ones:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been aching to get out on the beach for an early morning walk and since this morning was our last morning to have that opportunity, I took advantage of it. I even dragged Peter out with me. I love the beach at this time of the day and again found some cool shells to add to my ever growing collection.

There were tons of birds out enjoying the early morning with us:

It was so beautiful and peaceful....feeling the cold sand under my feet and listening to the waves roll in. I'm glad I got my butt out of bed to enjoy it!

The sun had just risen and the sky was absolutly gorgeous with the clouds sprawled across the bright blue.

After taking our morning walk, Peter and I grabbed some breakfast and I actually fell asleep for a little bit again. I think I was still a little tired. Especially since I woke up with a bit of a cold :( It wasn't too bad though. I think I'm catching what Peter's been battling-which is basically just a regular cold but my immune system is so much worse than his so it'll probably hit me harder haha.

After breakfast and a nap, we made our way to the pool where we spent the entire afternoon reading and splashing and napping until our bellies pulled us away to have a bite to eat. We called our parents to wish them a happy Thanksgiving and then we went out the the beach to watch the entire sunset tonight. It was quite beautiful but ended at the last minute with cloud coverage, but you can see below---BEAUTIFUL!

Peter and I reading and listening to music on the beach:

The progression of the sunset:

As the sun was setting, it grew colder by the minute. I had to wrap up in a towel for the final few moments until we headed on inside...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mini Golf and Ice Cream!

This is what we saw when we were eating dinner. It was so beautiful that we ran outside to catch the end of it. I love the birds flying through the picture too-gorgeous!

Me getting ready to take my first shot....

Peter took this video of me during my first shot. I can't believe how close I came on the first hole...

And here's Peter getting ready for his first shot of the game:

...and he had a much closer shot than I did! To bad neither of us made it! I was kicking Peter's butt during the first half of the game but got tripped up during the final holes....probably because Peter got hole-in-one's on hole #16, 17, and 18!

Us having a great time being silly and playing mini golf :) I'm not sure what's with Peter's goofy smile, but he's still a cutie :)

Peter didn't start off so well....haha I just had to take a picture when he was standing behing the tree trying to make a shot.

After mini golf, we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream-yum! It made me think of Emily because she's my fellow DQer. We saw a Bentley in the parking lot and I thought of taking a picture of it...but who I thought was the owner was already giving us weird looks because Peter was checking out the car and getting too close I think haha.

Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park

To temporarily escape our routine, we decided to go to Delnor Wiggins Pass right down the road from the Beachmoor. It was small, but nice to see and for only $5 for both of us, not bad at all. We're so used to parks being more woodsy since we're from PA but this was more beach so not much to do that we don't already do back at the condo's beach haha. I did find some great shells though!

The sign at the beginning of the park.

The path into the park...

A picnic area....we should have packed lunches, but it never crossed our minds...oops!

Delnor Wiggins had some great scenery to it...

This is the path you could walk around on...basically parallel to the beach, but it was nice.

More beautiful scenery:

Me looking for more shells. I found so many great ones again this year! We thought about going to Sanibel Island, which is famous for its shells, but didn't think to until the end of our trip and didn't want to make the treck there. Maybe next time-whenever that will be!

We climbed up this tower that said to "climb at your own risk". When we got to the top, we figured out why-it's not very sturdy! Peter shook on railing and the whole tower was wobbling! It gave us some great views though!

This is from the top of the tower...some great tree top shots!

After the park, we got hungry and drove to the mall to have Chick Fil A for lunch. I totally love Chick Fil A and am glad that Naples has one! We went into the mall in our swimsuits. I had a coverup on and Peter was wearing a tshirt...but boy we got strange looks! You'd think for a mall at the beach, you'd see more of this, but definitely not. Oh well!

After lunch, we decided we missed the pool and drove back to the Beachmoor to grab our books and towels and head to the pool. We have yet to see anyone else in the pool area at all. I'm not complaining because it's been like our own private pool!

We showered after the pool and made chicken fajitas for dinner in the condo and ate in the living room while the sun was setting. Now it's time to get ready for mini golf!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday night in downtown Naples

Tonight we drove into downtown Naples. We got there just around dusk so some of the pictures are a bit darker. We walked around all of 5th Ave and had a marvelous time. We went to dinner at Bice Ristorante, recommended by Uncle Michael. It was a very nice place and the food was excellent! I even had some leftovers because the portions were pretty big so I will have some for lunch too. After dinner, we strolled around downtown some more and stopped to get a piece of fudge because everytime I'd go to the beach as a kid, we'd always get fudge! We also popped into Starbucks for some mocha/chai.

This is a view from the car driving into downtown Naples.

I really love the shops and the architecture down here on 5th Ave.

Us infront of the theater. We sat at a bench down here for a while just watching passerbys and having a great time together.

This is kind of dark, but this is the front of the theater. I love all the lights!

You can't tell, but Bice is behind us where we had our nice dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! :)

Peter in front of the fountain....(this year)

Same fountain...this is from our honeymoon and the reason he got another picture this year haha.

My legs were tired after walking on the beach, swimming, and walking around downtown so after sitting in Starbucks for a little bit, we headed home. Another great night with my love! :D