Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 2 - Nothing but BLUE SKIES

There's nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to sunshine on your face and looking out the window to see the ocean...well technically "gulf" but same thing. I'm having trouble sleeping in even though we're on vacation. I feel like sleeping in means missing out on sunshine and reading by the pool! The morning and early afternoon consisted of reading, soaking up the sun, searching for seashells, and swimming! Of course we also ate breakfast and lunch :) We at all meals at the condo today because we were basically being lazy bums :) For lunch we had sandwiches again and for dinner we had burgers that Peter made on the grill. YUM! After dinner, we decided to go to The Village on Venetian Bay. We went there last year and had fun walking around so decided to go again. We got Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream again too! It was fun to just walk around and enjoy the bay and cooler evening breezes. Most of the shops were closed when we go there. (They close at 7) but we didn't mind since we could just window shop. There wasn't anything we'd buy there anyways haha.

The water was nice and calm this morning when we were out on the beach.  

Here's us reading on the beach.  There weren't very many people out on the beach yet which was nice :)

A view from one part of our balcony.  The camera even picked up the screen, unfortunately haha.  Still beautiful though!

The pool, where we were every single day!

The next couple of pictures are sights from the pool area.  

Peter with the big statue lady haha.

After finishing our yummy ice cream :)

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