Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mini Golf and Ice Cream!

This is what we saw when we were eating dinner. It was so beautiful that we ran outside to catch the end of it. I love the birds flying through the picture too-gorgeous!

Me getting ready to take my first shot....

Peter took this video of me during my first shot. I can't believe how close I came on the first hole...

And here's Peter getting ready for his first shot of the game:

...and he had a much closer shot than I did! To bad neither of us made it! I was kicking Peter's butt during the first half of the game but got tripped up during the final holes....probably because Peter got hole-in-one's on hole #16, 17, and 18!

Us having a great time being silly and playing mini golf :) I'm not sure what's with Peter's goofy smile, but he's still a cutie :)

Peter didn't start off so well....haha I just had to take a picture when he was standing behing the tree trying to make a shot.

After mini golf, we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream-yum! It made me think of Emily because she's my fellow DQer. We saw a Bentley in the parking lot and I thought of taking a picture of it...but who I thought was the owner was already giving us weird looks because Peter was checking out the car and getting too close I think haha.

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