Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Wreath

I come from a family that always has something on their front door. Naked doors are just something we don't do. I have a few seasonal wreaths and plaques. Problem is leaving a Christmas wreath with a snowman on your door until spring doesn't fly. Especially when we have had an unseasonably warm winter with barely any snow. So what's a girl to do when the next thing to put on her door is too "springy"?

Thanks to pinterest, I've become a huge fan of rag wreaths. I bought a wire wreath frame, a few bucks worth of white/beige fabrics, and cut up old linen pants and used burlap ribbon I had to make this wreath.

About $10, a bit of a mess, and a few hours later it was done! I love the way it looks with the different color tones and textures.

My new "winter" wreath:

Friday, January 20, 2012


We are finally seeming to get into a groove around here.  Ever since Peter started his new job at the beginning of January, we've been figuring out bus routes, schedules, etc.  The first week I drove him both ways and it was kind of horrendous.  I'm glad we've figure out a better alternative.  I drop him at a bus stop halfway on my way to work where he catches a bus downtown.  Then I just drive myself home and he grabs a bus.  He leaves at different times each day so it works best that way.  I'm home much earlier than I used to be which is really nice.  Most days I can run errands, grocery shop, and at least start, if not finish, dinner by the time he gets home.  :)

Peter's job has been pretty busy, but we're both so thankful to God for this new blessing.  Peter comes home tired (which is normal and good) as opposed to frustrated and irritated.  I'm hoping his new work schedule balances out some and he's able to get back into kickboxing since I know he likes and misses it.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretty Woman

Peter got a new job the beginning of this year, but needed some new duds to go with that job!  It's much more of a professional environment and he needs to wear collared shirts each day.  No jeans.  Not even on Friday!  So totally different than what he was able to wear before.  We set out earlier today in hopes of being able to get a few more pieces to add to his wardrobe.  Boy did we get some deals!  We were able to get some nice shoes, shirts, and pants for him.  And a new coat for me!  The after Christmas clearance sales with additional percents off were killer.  I can't wait to see him in his new clothes.  :)