Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July was a "slower" month for us.

Since the 4th was on Saturday, we both got Friday off and had a nice 3 day weekend. We started by hanging out in New Wilmington with the Schindels and Polens for Independence Day festivities. Peter even tried his first funnel cake, but I forgot to take a picture of that!

It was actually very cool for July, which was nicer than it being 90 degrees. It was a great day for sitting outside!

Here's a shot with everyone in it:

Me and the hubby:

This was our view.

Peter and Jeff enjoy watching the fireworks over the lake.

So pretty!

That night we drove to Hollidaysburg for Ash's birthday party the next day. It was a late night, but a nice drive. We did some shopping during the day on Saturday since Ash's party wasn't starting until 3. Gap was our best stop since if you purchased 4 clearance items, you got an additional 40% off. Peter scored with 3 pairs of jeans for $13 each and a sweater and polo shirt. I also got a sweater. Our total was about $60. Not bad at all! Especially considering one pair of jeans that Peter bought were originally priced at $54.50 haha.

We ate lots of yummy food and played many games of volleyball that day. It was another beautiful day. Sunny and in the mid 70's with a nice breeze.

There was a beautiful sunset as we waited for Drew to start his fireworks display.

Some of the sparks would go through the screen onto the porch. I'm surprised the porch hasn't caught on fire yet haha.

Enjoying watching Drew play with fire.

This is where there were a few duds and Drew tried his best to make them light. He even rigged up something with a sparkler to try to catch them on fire, but they just wouldn't.

More fireworks:

Cacie with a sparkler.

Ash and Peter obviously thrilled about the sparklers.

Drew making sure that everyone gets one haha.

Lots of smoke.

The weekend was a blast, except for when we got home to find someone had tried breaking into our house. We thank God that they didn't get in. It was a bit unnerving for the first few nights. When it was time for bed I was super paranoid that I was hearing things haha.

We then spent time finding a new custom back door. Our door size is a bit smaller than an average door so it had to be custom, which basically means double the price-ugh. My aunt also came over and showed us how to rescreen the screens for a cheap fix of not having to buy new screens. And she installed a motion sensor flood light in the back.

After some headache with the door being the wrong size, having to reorder another one and wait another week, it was finally installed! That weekend I even managed to paint the new back door after it was installed and the door to the basement in the kitchen as well as all the trim and put a fresh coat on all the walls. I got a bit carried away, but it needed done and I was pleased when it was all finished.

The rest of July was spent visiting with friends on the weekend, doing some yard and house work and trying to catch our breaths. I can't believe how quickly summer is going!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


June was another whirlwind kind of month. We did get to spend more time at home, but not much.

Peter attended Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 8-12 in San Francisco. I took a few days off work and flew out Weds night and joined him for the remainder of the week. Although he had to spend lots of time in conferences and such, we had a great time exploring SF together.

The elevator in our hotel had mirrors so we took pictures on the short ride between the lobby and 5th floor each time. This one's my favorite haha.

We also rode the cable cars around the city down to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square and back.

And ate at the Cheesecake Factory which was super yummy!

I even enjoyed a delicious Strawberry margarita. :)

The weather was beautiful-mid 60's-perfect for exploring the city.

We ate delicious meals all week and gave leftovers to the homeless on our way back to the hotel. It was heartwarming to be able to give food to someone who was terribly hungry. It also made us very thankful for our many blessings.

We took a short cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the bay. It was a bit chilly, but so much fun!

The night we flew back, Emily came in for the night and spent Sunday with us. It had been waaaaay to long since I've seen her and it was great to hang out and catch up. Why does Virginia have to be such a long drive away??

The middle of the month died down a bit for us and we were able to catch up on things around the house and other odds and ends that we needed to attend to.

And then the end of the month brought a second wind of business through.

We attended a highschool friend's wedding at Armstrong Farms the last weekend in June. The wedding was beautiful and it was so great to see how happy she is.

Awesome cupcake display:

Beautiful location:

Random wedding attendant:

Gorgeous bride with her parents!

Husband and wife :)

I thought this tree was pretty cool. I even dared Peter to climb in it, but he declined.

Me with my hubby :)

Women's bathroom sign. Have you ever heard the story of when Peter used the word heifer? It's a good one :P

Such a beautiful day and grounds for a wedding!

I loved this sign:

NBHS girls :)

And look, it's not even a self-shot of us!

Karen and Aaron. The next couple to get hitched :)

Bride and groom's first dance.

Me, Jamie and Karen:

The next day we headed to Barney's to hang out, watch HGTV and have a cookout.

Barney is happy we're there. Really. It may not look like it in these pictures, but he is haha.

Next up: July!


May was the kickoff month for complete craziness which resulted in being home only 1 weekend that month. And we spend that whole weekend doing yard/house work haha.

At the beginning of May was Ashley's graduation from IUP. I can't believe she's all grown up! {tear} haha

Here's the lovely graduate with my parents.

Peter and I had to get up super early for her graduation at 8 AM. But it was worth it! We're so proud of her!

Drew's almost smiling in this one! Hey, it's the best I could do.

Sisters :)

On Cinco de Mayo Peter delivered gerber daisies (my favorite) to my work. He proposed on May 5th, not because it was Cinco de Mayo, but it makes for an easy day to remember :) (As if I could ever forget!)

The weekend after we were in IUP we headed to Chicago to see Andrew graduate from Wheaton. We spent the weekend with Peter's parents, Andrew, and Mima. We toured campus, played ping pong and shuffleboard, and just hung out.

Ping pong was rather intense.

Whereas shuffleboard was more of a laid back warmup game haha.

At one point during ping pong, Mima was yelling "foul!" haha.

I thought this was a funny picture. It looks like Peter's grabbing Andrew's butt. He's not though.

We lucked out with an extra ticket and all got to see Andrew's graduation without having to go into the "overflow" room.

All of us after the graduation ceremony.

We headed downtown afterwards and went 95 floors up in the John Hancock Building.

Then Peter's parents treated us to a wonderful dinner at Spiaggia.

Here's Mima checking out the cookbook :)

We then had one weekend at home and then attended Ashley's graduation party the following weekend in Hollidaysburg. We don't have pics from either of those weekends though.

Next up was Vasti and Caleb's baby shower on Memorial Day weekend in Philly.

Here's a hilarious picture of Andrew.

Aunt Grace and Bella:

I just adore this picture of Mima and her great-grandson, Caleb. How precious!

Our newest and incredibly adorable nephew, Caleb.

And then June hit...