Tuesday, July 21, 2009


May was the kickoff month for complete craziness which resulted in being home only 1 weekend that month. And we spend that whole weekend doing yard/house work haha.

At the beginning of May was Ashley's graduation from IUP. I can't believe she's all grown up! {tear} haha

Here's the lovely graduate with my parents.

Peter and I had to get up super early for her graduation at 8 AM. But it was worth it! We're so proud of her!

Drew's almost smiling in this one! Hey, it's the best I could do.

Sisters :)

On Cinco de Mayo Peter delivered gerber daisies (my favorite) to my work. He proposed on May 5th, not because it was Cinco de Mayo, but it makes for an easy day to remember :) (As if I could ever forget!)

The weekend after we were in IUP we headed to Chicago to see Andrew graduate from Wheaton. We spent the weekend with Peter's parents, Andrew, and Mima. We toured campus, played ping pong and shuffleboard, and just hung out.

Ping pong was rather intense.

Whereas shuffleboard was more of a laid back warmup game haha.

At one point during ping pong, Mima was yelling "foul!" haha.

I thought this was a funny picture. It looks like Peter's grabbing Andrew's butt. He's not though.

We lucked out with an extra ticket and all got to see Andrew's graduation without having to go into the "overflow" room.

All of us after the graduation ceremony.

We headed downtown afterwards and went 95 floors up in the John Hancock Building.

Then Peter's parents treated us to a wonderful dinner at Spiaggia.

Here's Mima checking out the cookbook :)

We then had one weekend at home and then attended Ashley's graduation party the following weekend in Hollidaysburg. We don't have pics from either of those weekends though.

Next up was Vasti and Caleb's baby shower on Memorial Day weekend in Philly.

Here's a hilarious picture of Andrew.

Aunt Grace and Bella:

I just adore this picture of Mima and her great-grandson, Caleb. How precious!

Our newest and incredibly adorable nephew, Caleb.

And then June hit...

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i love all the pictures :-D thanks for making updates! i am a faithful reader :-p