Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shopping without spending lots of money!

I love bargain shopping. I love to see an item on super clearance and have a coupon that makes it even cheaper. I think that bargain shopping is good for the soul! I also really enjoy seeing an item that I like when it's new in the store, and then continue to check on that item and wait patiently for it to go on sale, then clearance. When I'm able to buy items that I've been wanting for a long time at a fraction of their original cost, I'm always happy.

Today Peter and I bopped around shopping for a while. I made some great purchases.

This tunic was only $0.44 from JCP. 44 cents for a shirt?!

I'm really into the fashion jewelry lately and found this great necklace at JCP as well. Total cost?A BUCK!

This super cute scarf was only $2 from Kohl's.

And this one was only $3 from Target!

I've been needing a new black purse. I really like the one I have been using, but the outer pockets don't close so things often fall out of them. For a free, yes free, my old purse wasn't bad at all. I got it for free because Target messed up my online order and then ended up sending multiple items multiple times. I returned the originals for what I paid for them, and could keep any duplicates for free. Not bad! This purse was only $23, but I wasn't as thrilled. After a free purse, how could I be? This purse from Kohl's doesn't seem as well constructed so we'll have to see how it does. It zips closes everywhere so that's good though.

I also picked up these sunglasses at Kohl's for $9.

This book was only $5 at Family Christian. I've heard good things about it so I'm looking forward to reading it.

I also stopped by Ikea to continue building my free dishes set. Thanks to Social Media Saturday and the $20 in Ikea bucks that I get monthly, I'm getting a great dish set. So far, I've gotten 8 of the big plates that are more like pasta bowls. These are quickly becoming my absolutely favorite dishes. They're great for pasta, salads, etc. I've also invested in the small matching bowls. I only got 5 of those so far. In the coming months, I'll get 3 more and some regular plates. This is one of those times I just have to be patient and go back the first Saturday of each month so they'll be free haha.

Total spent this trip: $43.44. For everything that I got, that's not bad at all. Considering the purse was originally $57. :)