Sunday, March 20, 2011

A weekend that's good for my soul

This weekend was just what I needed. After work on Friday, we drove up to New Castle for Pizza Joe's and games with great friends. Immediately upon arrival, I threw on my lounge clothes, chatted with the girls, and knew it'd be a fabulous night. The addition of BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza Joe's (my favorite!) and hilarious games were just a bonus! We, of course, stayed until very late, and went straight to bed when we got home.

Saturday morning started with sleeping in followed by a yummy breakfast. After that, we did some random things around the house. I read for a while, and watch 2 Lifetime movies while doing some crafts. I had a bunch of old file folder that were going to be trashed and thought I could use my 3" scalloped circle punch and make some punches to use later for gift tags, etc.


Turned into this. Notice the stack of punched circles. I don't think I need to buy craft paper for these for quite some time!

I did some grocery shopping during the late afternoon while Peter stayed home and cleaned a bit. We made yummy steak sandwiches for dinner and watched "Cops" followed by "The Secret Lives of Bees". Such a good movie!

This morning we went to church and since Peter wasn't feeling well, came back home afterwards. We didn't really have any plans, but Peter definitely needed to rest up. While he slept some on the couch, I played Hallmark movies and did more crafting!

I made these 9 glass tile pendants for necklaces. 3 are being sold to coworkers tomorrow. I'd love to start an Etsy store or something to sell my crafts...maybe someday!

I also made this flower from scrap fabric in my stash. I made 3 of these last weekend and they are great. They can be used on headbands/clips, pinned to clothes or bags. Versatile and super cute! I just need to buy some more buttons for the centers. I don't like the look of the buttons with holes for the center and of course I have a thousand of those haha.

I picked up this canvas tote bag at Pat Catan's last weekend. I can easily swap out pins or whatever on it and it instantly matches any outfit. Love it!

This kind of weekend may seem lame to others, but it was full of things I love: Peter, friends, food, crafts, and rest. So good for my soul.


ej knits said...

I love reading this post, Mal! Sounds like the best of all possible weekends. I'm pleased for you and your soul. :)

Debbie said...

No, not lame at all. These are quality times of sharing love. And your artistic talent simply floors me. I'm so proud of you. Not just that you have talent, but that you are USING it so well.