Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dining Room Decor Changes

Do you ever get bored with your home decor? I do. Probably more often than the average person. When I was a kid, I used to change the furniture in my room around all the time. My sister and I would make it into a huge project and draw layouts of where things are going to go and then would move all of the furniture into the hall and back in again. We would do this over and over - each time being as fun as the last.

While I don't necessarily move furniture around like that anymore, it is not uncommon for me to move decorations around. Our house is set up in a way that furniture really only works certain ways.

Before Christmas I found some great blue table linens. I thought they'd be good in our yellow dining room, but waited until after we took the Christmas decorations down to try them out. I loved the tablecloth, but it was rectangle. So I had to cut it up and sew it into an oval tablecloth. Then that was the only blue in the room so it spiraled into changing up a bunch of things. 2 or 3 weeks ago I finally had all of the changes done and had something on the buffet that I liked. So, of course, I took pictures!

I wish I could somehow get a picture of the whole dining room, but the angles are just too odd.

This is looking in from the living room. I thought the blue was a nice "winter" tablecloth.

The buffet is really what held me up. I couldn't get something going that I liked. In the end, Peter ended up helping me a lot and we came up with this. The "runner" is just three napkins laid out. The vase used to be on the floor beside our big hutch. The love plate was new from Kohl's back in February. The candlesticks were $3 at TJ Maxx. There were 3 in the set, but one was broken so it was on clearance - love that! The little basket has some of our wine corks in it next to our wine rack.

I also rearranged the decorations on our hutches. I decided to hang our Italian plates and put up a new candle holder on the bottom shelf. The top shelf got grouped together in different ways. The middle shelf is all new. The sugar bowl and creamer we found in Italy last July. We actually found just one of the pieces and had them specially make the match to it. Aunt Grace was kind enough to pick it up for us when she went back in September and we picked it up at Christmas at Mima's. We also received the sunflower watercolor picture as a picture from Aunt Grace and Uncle Michael for Christmas. It's from a shop that we visited while in Italy and looks great with our creamer and sugar bowl. The little sachet is filled with lavender, purchased in Assisi. As you can see, we've been getting great Italian pieces to add to our collection. I also added the white pedestal bowl from a flea market with more wine corks. I love how it all turned out.

The small hutch also got a re-group. Many things are the same, but grouped differently instead of in a straight line type thing. If that even makes sense? New additions are the pear trivet which was a Christmas present a few years ago. I've had it stored away because I couldn't find a good display spot for it. I added a trinket from Orvieto, a candle, and a bird figure from my Aunt Pat to the shelf as well. The tope shelf are all items that were already on the hutch, but were previously on different shelves. The candlestick and book that Peter made me for our wedding got moved from the bottom shelf to the top. I thought they went well with our wedding guest book and my dried bridal bouquet. The bottom shelf is the same, but the candle got moved to the middle and I added a plate that I recently found at Marshalls for $3 and bought with my gift card. I love that little plate!

Well that was a long post about my dining room. I like to write these things for my own benefit though so that I remember where I got things and how I've decorated in the past. I know, I'm weird!

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