Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Dump: Christmas Decorations 2010

Christmas decorations make my house feel cozy and my heart feel happy.

The view into our dining room. This extra-wide arch is so cute.

Dining room:

Not much has changed from last year to this year with this hutch.

I think the only change may in fact be this little ornament that I got at Cracker Barrel after Christmas last year for a buck. I love the scripture on it. I popped it in a dollar tree easel and it looks great with the rest of my decor.

There were minimal changes to this hutch. The wine rack was new since last Christmas and needed a place to go since it got the boot from the buffet for the Christmas village. I also found a Christmas tree plate that matches the sugar bowl, creamer, etc. that I already have. $5 at Ross!

I made this dollar tree hurricane with some red cranberry garland (that I took off the garland) and a $1 ornament from Target. Total cost was just under $7.

I don't like how the flash makes it look, but was trying to show a picture that wasn't so terribly dark.

And my beloved Christmas village has made another appearance. Each year it changes slightly with how things are laid out. I just love the light it provides when it gets dark out.

Looking into the living room from the dining room:

Our beautiful tree with our crazy cat next to it:

We got this Santa ornament from our trip to Hozak Farms to get our tree this year. Paula got a matching one and put location/date on the back. Love fun mementos like this!

I like this shot because you can see the reflection of me and Cadi in it.

I picked up these awesome swirly ornament hooks at the dollar tree this year. I replaced all the old paperclippy ones and love the small added touch. So cute! I saw them at Target in different colors too, but more expensive for less. Plus I think the silver pops better with the tree!

I've had this old tablecloth from NeeNee and Pat's that I've been laying under the tree as a skirt and this year Paula helped me make it into a real tree skirt. It lays better, has a tie to keep it in place, and will surely be used in years to come.

The tree again. Can you tell Cadi loves it? haha

Look at her cute face!

This picture is a bit dark, but as you can see (hopefully), Cadi was all tuckered out after all the picture taking.

I added a few touches to this corner to Christmassy it up a bit.

This is a new space this year. I wanted to add some lights since this corner is so dark compared to the side with the tree. I put lights around our advent "wreath" that I made a few years ago and added a few things around/behind it. Love the way it turned out!

Another dollar tree hurricane with cranberries and a $1 Target ornament. This one is actually my favorite. I love, love, love that joy ornament. So rustic and so my style!

My freebie nativity hanging that I love so much!

The nativity usually is on the tv, but with the change up, it got moved to the bookshelf. I actually like it here much better. I also added the star from some craft store foam, a small dowel rod, and a wooden heart. Cute, right?

My snowman coasters - new craft this year!

More Christmas decoration goodness:

I love this view as you come down the steps. I've been looking for a picture that I could put above the couch for this time of year that will be more Christmassy, but haven't found anything I love yet.

Living room:

The pillow covers I made! I am in the process of trying to talk Peter into letting me find fabric or tablecloths (since these were napkins) and make curtains. He hasn't gone for it yet though.

Another $1 ornament from Cracker Barrel. I love decorating with snowmen and santas, but I love more to use scripture and nativity scenes. It's a great reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.

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