Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hozak Farms!

Today was our annual trip to Hozak Farms to find the perfect Christmas tree! Peter and I have gone here with my aunt for the past couple of years. We tried out another place, but just love Hozak so much that it's become our traditional place.

We stopped at Panera on the way to get some lunch and then continued on to the farm. It's about an hour or so drive to get there, but well worth it in our opinion. Each year that we've gone, the location of where you cut your tree is different. Always a great selection and smooth operation though!

Here we are walking down to pick up a saw and hop on the tractor ride.

Cute little wooden bird house with steps on the tree:

It was a good thing that we brought layers because the wind was vicious today!

Peter looks a little crazy with that saw!

We were initially going to get a Douglas Fir, but searched around and didn't find any that jumped out at us.

There were definitely plenty to choose from, though.

Peter looks so cute all bundled up with his scarf and hat on!

Not sure why the saw always makes it into the pictures??

Eventually we made our way across the field to the Canaan Fir and found a few good competitors. After careful deliberation, we decided on a winner! Here's me and Peter in front of the lucky tree that will be coming home with us.

Just a little taller than Peter...perfect! After we get it in the stand, and put the star on top, it'll be just right! I always have a hard time with perspective of the right size of tree. They look small in the field, but aren't that way at all in our little living room!

Us with our 2010 tree:

On the ride back to get the tree shaken and baled, we saw these live goats wondering on these platforms. So weird!

How cute are these little tree carts?

After getting our tree loaded in the car, we stopped by the shop for hot chocolate and browsing. Paula bought us matching ornaments (one for her tree and one for ours) to mark the occasion. I love special ornaments like that!

After getting home, I got out some snacks and we had a great time decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and hanging out.

Our "getting the tree" day is one of my favorite of the year - the start to the Christmas season!

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