Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I ran into the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store. I left with a lot of glassware! I started to pick up a few things and then quickly realized I needed a basket to carry all of the goodies I found. I filled up the basket and then some before heading to the check out.

Here's my loot. 2 candlesticks and 4 each of 3 different kinds of glasses.

I loved the etched glass details on these. They caught my attention right away. They had 4 so I grabbed them right away. I was hoping to find 8, since that's apparently my magic number with dishes, glasses, etc. I couldn't find anymore, but I did find some plain ones so I got 4 of those to mix & match.

The price for each glass? 39 cents!!

The candlesticks were an expensive 99 cents.

Total for everything? $7.13! Love that! I took off all the price tags, washed them real good, and now they're drying and waiting to be put away.

I also went to Dollar Tree today. Love that store! I found lots of goodies there as well. Red fleece gloves were a great purchase. I bought black ones last week there and they're awesome - and only a dollar! I also got place mats (can also be used as napkins). I got 4 of the red ones and 8 of the blue. Trust me, if they had 8 red ones, I would've gotten them haha. I'll have to check back later for more.

I also got a red candle dish, some nail polish, new ornament hooks, and grey Maybelline eye shadow. Maybelline! For a buck!

I tried the nail polish as soon as I got home. It's nice, but much lighter than I thought it'd be. It's more of a shimmer so I don't think I'll get the color like I wanted. I'll still use it and can apply it over other colors. The eye shadow is great. I thought it would be, but wanted to make sure. :) I can't wait until we get our Christmas tree in a few weeks to try out the ornament hooks. I hope they work out well. I hate the ones we have now. They're just your typical hooks that end up being like twisted paperclips.

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