Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gold napkins with red stickers

I have a problem. I have enough cloth napkins for approximately 95 people to use them simultaneously. What's worse is that my tree killing husband is adamant that cloth napkins are for fancy/special occasions. And since when, I ask, is chinese takeout not a special occasion?? So this leaves me as the only person in our little brick house who uses cloth napkins. Unless, of course, we have guests over and I force them to join my cult. I've actually resorted to using my napkins for lunch at work just to prove my point to Peter that cloth napkins are indeed everyday napkins.

So, incase we have 99 people who may want, or be forced, to use cloth napkins at the same time, I bought 4 more. Sounds reasonable, right?

I think the second part to my aforementioned problem are the red clearance stickers from Target. I may not need, or even want, the item, but as soon as you slap a red sticker on it, it becomes much more enticing. Enter gold napkins.

Yet, somehow, I was wishing they had two packs of them because I always buy in sets of 8 for dining things. You know, just in case.

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Erin said...

You are hilarious, Mal. I love this about you! :)