Sunday, July 29, 2012

Findley Lake

Our friends, Steff and Craig, graciously allowed us to use their cottage at Findley Lake again this weekend.  We just love it there.  It's so beautiful and peaceful and brings immediate relaxation.  

We were shocked to see that the addition was complete with a new bedroom and bathroom on the main level.  Last time we were there, they were just starting some work and we had completely misunderstood what the addition would be haha.  We originally thought the porch was the addition.  Oops!  

Here's some shots of the new bedroom and bathroom.  It's so lovely and of course, Steff has it decorated just beautifully.  

The colors and decor promote such a relaxing atmosphere.

I loved to see the black and white in the bathroom with the cow.  I loves cows!

This is a great vanity.  It's nice and tall which is something we wish we had in our bathroom.

We go there Friday late evening and watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  The sunset was beautiful, but I didn't even snap a picture until the end since we were busy unpacking.

Saturday morning was drizzly with rain so we to get breakfast at the cafe on main street.  We also went to visit the local wine shop to pick up some of my favorite white wine.  He gets it from the Finger Lakes region.  It's just white table wine, which I find I like better than any specific wine, from Bully Hill Vineyards.  We got 4 bottles of that and a few others to try.  

I snapped a few pictures at the wine shop.  I thought the flowers in a wine bottle was a neat idea.  :)

The view of the lake from the back porch of the store.

Got basil?  This smelled sooooo good!!

Inside the quaint, little wine shop:

After the wine shop, we also stopped in the Our Own Candle Company store and I picked up some great candles.  I got small jars of Mulberry for 50 cents each!  They also had small jars of hydrangea and vanilla for $1/each so I got a few of all of the above haha.  The Mulberry ones were so cheap because they were "burner candles" because they were a messed up batch and they said wouldn't light so they'd need to have the wax dug out to use in a tart burner.  However, I lit one at the cottage and it worked fine so who knows!  I also picked up a jar of Cranberry Orange Spice - a new fave!

We decided to take a drive on Saturday after breakfast and shopping.  Even though we had driven the whole way up there, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day and we wanted to explore a little beyond Findley Lake.  We found lots of open road and beautiful farm land!  The rain even stopped for the rest of the day.  :)

The clouds were just amazing on our drive.

Check out this plot of land!

This is the new exterior of the cabin.  I loved the dutch door.  :)

It's great that they have a full kitchen available.  We save money by making/bringing our own food.

I thought this sign was hilarious!

The cozy living area with my handsome hubby.  :)

We've yet to eat at this table haha.  We always opt for the porch since it's so nice out there!

The upstairs has 3 other bedrooms and a bathroom, each of which are equally charming as the rest of the cottage.  I love Steff's decor!

This is where we usually spend a lot of our time reading, eating, lounging, etc.

The view from the porch:

A perfect lake day.

I was playing around with the camera some and was impressed with this photo I took of the water droplets.

After our drive, we headed back to the cabin for some lunch.  Fruit, cheese, wine, pretzel thins...yummy, yummy, yummy!

We took a nice long nap after lunch, read some, watched some of the Olympics and just enjoyed a day without an agenda.  It was so relaxing!  

Sunday morning we did more of the same and eventually decided it was time to start heading home, but not before some more R&R, some porch time, and a few pictures.  

Me and the hubs enjoying the porch swing :)

Self-timers are great!

I love this picture of Peter.  :)

On our drive home we decided to take the country road towards Erie and then pick up the highway.  It was a great drive!

The scenery is just beautiful!

So many cows!

We are so thankful that Steff and Craig are so hospitable and allowed us to use their place again.  :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Shopping!

Today I really scored some fabulous free deals...

Free Suave body wash at Giant Eagle...

Free v-neck tees at Target...

Free black boyfriend cardigan at Sears Outlet...

All for free!