Monday, February 27, 2012

Expanding My Comfort Zone

I've seen a bunch of people wearing belts over sweaters lately.  While I think it looks cute, I'm not sure it is something that I can necessarily pull off.  I decided to give it a try though and was really liking this particular outfit.  Not sure it's something I'll routinely do, but at least I've expanded my wardrobe comfort zone just a bit.  :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Good Sunday Evening

What qualifies as a good Sunday evening in your mind?

For me, evenings like this are perfect.  Chai tea, sweats, snuggling with my hunny and watching a good movie.  Tonight's movie is "Courageous" and it was a good one!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wore - a first!

In the past few months, I've checked out The Pleated Poppy's "What I Wore Wednesday" for fashion inspiration.  This week I decided to link up and show my freebie items from Sears Outlet.  I must say it's kind of weird to take pictures of myself.  Some of the pictures turned out funky with the bright sun and reflection.  Oh well!  

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love a good deal.  A year or so ago Ikea had a promotional for "Social Media Saturdays" on the first Saturday of each month where they would give you $10 in Ikea cash to spend if you showed you were a fan on Facebook.  I dragged Peter along and got $20 each month.  I got a lot of odds and ends for the house as well as completed a new off-white dinnerware set for 8 people - haha!  

Soo....when I found out Sears Outlet was starting a "Free Apparel Tuesday" promotion, you can imagine how I was all over that.  Apparently, they started doing it before Christmas, but I didn't catch on until after the new year.  I decided to swing in and see if I could get anything good.  I actually got quite a few nice pieces!  Some of them are things that I probably normally wouldn't have purchased, but they were FREE!  And I ended up loving them which is a bonus!  I made it part of my weekly routine with grocery shopping on Tuesday and then swinging in Sears Outlet on the way home.  My first "purchase" was a pair of jeans - not pictured.  

Here are some of the great items I was able to snag...

The skirt in this outfit is my Sears Outlet free clothing item.  It's high waisted and elastic with a zipper in the back and pockets.  Paired with a teal cardigan ($6 from Target), boots ($20 from Burlington), and leggings ($5 from Target), and a heart necklace ($3 from Burlington), I think it's super cute!  

I also wore a headband that I made myself.  I love this headband, but all headbands seem to give me a headache after so long.  I think I need to build up my tolerance or something.  

The free item in this outfit is the turquoise top.  It's kind of a funky style that falls off my shoulder, but I wear a black tank under it and pair it with black pants ($15 from Dots) and a long heart necklace ($1 from Charlotte Russe) and love the look.

This might be my favorite Sears Outlet free item yet - the skirt.  It's a smock waist skirt with pockets - love!  I've actually made a "pattern" from it and am going to make a black polka dot skirt from fabric that I have.  I pair this skirt with a black tee ($3 from Target), black draped cardigan ($10 from Kohl's) and my go-to black boots and leggings.  Also, the $1 heart necklace from Charlotte Russe makes a frequent appearance in my daily wardrobe.

 This grey sweatshirt tunic thing was another free item.  It's super comfy!  It originally had a sating ribbon attached to the front to tie, but it was off to one side and kind of awkward.  So I took out my trusty seam ripper and removed it.  Same boots, $1 necklace and leggings complete this cozy outfit.

I'm still trying to decide if this is "work appropriate" for a Friday.  I work in a really casual office where folks where jeans most days and Fridays frequently include hoodies and T's.  

I also snagged a purple hoodie last week that I wore once to Bible Study, but haven't taken a picture of.  It's also super comfy and long which is a bonus in my world. 

Check out what others are wearing over at The Pleated Poppy.  

pleated poppy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've had a relatively healthy winter, but seem to have caught something over the weekend.  It's funny because we just went to the annual Pittsburgh car show on Saturday and I wasn't feeling well that evening.  By Sunday, I felt miserable.  Lucky for me, I already had Monday off since it was a holiday.  Too bad I spent it sick on the couch.  Today I'm feeling a little better and should be back to work tomorrow.  Maybe it's a reaction to the car show and I have to stop going? haha :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Car Show

Each year in February, we go to the Pittsburgh car show.  It usually falls around Valentine's Day and is part of my gift each year to Peter.  He loves it!  I'd even venture to say it's one of his favorite dates each year haha.  I honestly don't mind it, but don't get into it nearly like he does.  I could go and be done in an hour or so.  Peter could stay all day.  So we compromise and are there for a few hours.  We make a fun day and have lunch/dinner out and enjoy the whole day together.  This year, we even test drove a 2 cars.  Hyundai was offering $5 Starbucks gift cards to each person who drove/rode in the car.  Peter drove.  We were waiting for the Genesis and test drove the Equus in the meantime.  They are the top 2 premium cars that Hyundai offers.  The Equus was riiiidiculous with a fridge in the back between the two seats, built in massagers and window tints, and the capability to control more than half the car from the back passenger seat where I was.  The Genesis was a little more realistic haha.  Both were quite nice though!  Too expensive for us and we weren't seriously considering either one.  True be told - I was in it for the Starbucks gift card.  :)

Peter behind the wheel of one of the many cars we sat in today.

Some sort of BMW haha :)

Shelby Cobra:

One of Peter's favorite cars ever.  

Look how happy he is! :)

Only in Pittsburgh...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night!

Peter was going to take me to see "The Vow" for my birthday, but it wasn't in theaters yet.  So we had a delayed birthday date tonight.

We decided to eat first at Bravo around 3 and then see an earlier showing because we new things would get crowded later with it being the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  We had a delicious dinner.  I had Pasta Bravo with the sauce on the side since I don't like tons of sauce on my pasta.  Peter had Eggplant Parmesan.  We decided against dessert since I wanted to get some delicious movie theater popcorn.  

"The Vow" was a great movie.  I didn't realize it, but it was inspired by a true story.  When we came out of the theater, it was snowing and beautiful out.  We were at the Waterfront so they had all the Christmas lights on around the square.  We decided to walk over to Starbucks and grab some hot beverages.  The movie provoked great conversation about life, love, and marriage on the way home.  

We ended up stopping to help someone who ran out of gas on the way home.  Peter saw the car pulled over and helped them.  The man was grateful because he had a young son in the back of his car and didn't know what to do.  He didn't want to leave his son on the side of the busy road with it being dark and the roads bad from the snow.  He also wasn't able to walk to the gas station with his son.  So Peter walked up to the gas station, filled up the small can, and walked it back to the man's car.  This enabled the man to be able to make it up the hill to the gas station.  My husband has a big heart for helping people like this.  :)  

When we got home, it was about 8 and we continued a lovely evening at home.  I love date nights with my man!