Saturday, February 18, 2012

Car Show

Each year in February, we go to the Pittsburgh car show.  It usually falls around Valentine's Day and is part of my gift each year to Peter.  He loves it!  I'd even venture to say it's one of his favorite dates each year haha.  I honestly don't mind it, but don't get into it nearly like he does.  I could go and be done in an hour or so.  Peter could stay all day.  So we compromise and are there for a few hours.  We make a fun day and have lunch/dinner out and enjoy the whole day together.  This year, we even test drove a 2 cars.  Hyundai was offering $5 Starbucks gift cards to each person who drove/rode in the car.  Peter drove.  We were waiting for the Genesis and test drove the Equus in the meantime.  They are the top 2 premium cars that Hyundai offers.  The Equus was riiiidiculous with a fridge in the back between the two seats, built in massagers and window tints, and the capability to control more than half the car from the back passenger seat where I was.  The Genesis was a little more realistic haha.  Both were quite nice though!  Too expensive for us and we weren't seriously considering either one.  True be told - I was in it for the Starbucks gift card.  :)

Peter behind the wheel of one of the many cars we sat in today.

Some sort of BMW haha :)

Shelby Cobra:

One of Peter's favorite cars ever.  

Look how happy he is! :)

Only in Pittsburgh...

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