Friday, November 19, 2010

Light Up Night

Tonight was Pittsburgh's 50th Light Up Night. Peter and I have been going each year for the past few years. We usually go to Palomino for dinner and walk around the city enjoying the lights. This year was different than past years. To begin with, Palomino had closed and we didn't even know it. We were so bummed! We decided to eat at Max & Erma's instead. It wasn't the same as Palomino, but we still enjoyed it. After dinner (and cookies!) we walked around the city.

We saw this guy making ice sculptures. It's so cool and he really had a lot of details in his work!

Here's a snowman he made...

...and a reindeer.

There was a light show that was pretty cool this year.

It was really crowded this year! This was a new tree they had this year. Definitely can tell it's made of LED bulbs!

The tree at the rink. So pretty!

Us near the rink:

These were gingerbread houses made by local schools. So cool!

Here's another ice sculpture we saw:

I always think this corner tree is pretty cool.

Light Up Night was really packed with people this year. I don't know if it's because there was more to do, or because it wasn't that cold out, or what. But it was packed! Peter and I decided to call it a night before the fireworks and headed home around 9 PM. On our way to the parkway, we saw several police cars (regular and undercover) with sirens all speeding in the same direction. We'll have to watch the news tonight or tomorrow to see what that was about!

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