Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Deals

I love finding cheap inexpensive things to decorate my house. I usually buy items off season so they are on clearance. I have a section in one of my china cabinet's that I use to store those random things until I can use them. I do love finding items in season that I can use right away though!

This evening I found a little of both. :)

At Kohls I found some black cloth napkins and red wooden garland.

I had found some garland at Joann a few weeks ago, but it was $19.99. Even at 50% off, it was more than I was willing to spend. The ones at Kohls were originally $5.99, on sale for $2.99, and I had a coupon to make them $2.54 each. So I snagged three packages. I may use them on the tree, but I also have another idea in mind. We'll see...

The napkins were from the Halloween line and were on clearance for a whopping 89 cents. I had a coupon which made them 76 cents each. I immediately thought of some silver napkin rings I got at Target on clearance a few weeks ago. I had returned them thinking they were a little too modern for my dishes, but now I'm doubting myself. Oh well, too late now!

Target has a slew of great ornaments this year. They always have a bunch, but they're not usually my style. Their Birchwood Chalet line is right up my alley! Most are only $1! I splurge on a snowflake for $2. I don't intend to use all of these on my tree, though. I hope my idea for a project works! :) They may even go with the garland from Kohls.

I intend to break apart the $2 snowflake into two snowflakes. This basically makes them each a buck. As you can see, I started breaking it apart before I took a picture!

I can't wait until it's closer to Christmas and I can start some of these projects!

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