Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowy Christmas Celebrations

Well, we made it to Nana's and back again...and it was quite the adventure!

We decided to pack up the presents and food to take to Nana's because we didn't want her to be out on the roads when it was snowing. We left almost immediately after church. Our drive to Nana's was uneventful and it had only begun snowing. There was a dusting when we pulled in her driveway, but the snow was starting to fall heavier and faster. In about an hour, there were easily 2 inches on the ground and it was still coming. We enjoyed a delicious Italian Wedding Soup courtesy of Peter's mom as well as yummy crusty bread that Aunt Marian brought. It was the perfect meal for a blistery winter day.

Afterwards, we exchanged presents and ate desserts at the same time as to move things along since we could tell it was getting worse and worse out and we all needed to get home still.

Bella and Caleb have grown so much since we've seen them last. Caleb is quite the handsome little man and has the cutest pouty face!

Peter and I brought along a tiny Christmas tree that is usually found at my desk at work. It was the perfect addition to our festivities. See it under the lamp? haha...told you it was tiny! Andrew had the job of passing out presents since he sat near the pile.

Bella loved opening presents and would help everyone to unwrap their presents. It was so cute!

She was excited about every gift she received!

I put a green bow in my hair from the first gift Bella and I opened and forgot it was there for like an hour...oops!

Aunt Marian got Tim/Vasti and Peter/me awesome fleece blankets from Land's End. Tim can be seen below opening theirs.

Bella helps Andrew open the present that we got for him:

Nana with her knives that were a group gift from several of us:

Aunt Marian shows off her adorable new necklace from Matt, Ruthann, Wesley, and Zack:

Peter took most of the pictures today so I had to make sure to snap one of him opening a gift, too!

Bella and I show off our new bracelets (that match!) from Matt, Ruthann, Wesley, and Zack. :)

Mom is shocked when she opened her present from us (a Christmas tablecloth) because she couldn't believe that we remembered her saying last year that she really wanted one. Those are the best gifts to give! Things people want and forget they say. :)

Peter and Dad were talking here as Peter snapped a quick picture.

Tim opens a box of goodies from Mom and Dad:

After realizing that it was starting to get dark and time was quickly escaping us, we decided that we needed to be on our way. By this time, it was starting to become a whiteout. The roads were covered and the snow was till falling - fast and furious. We cleaned cars off, salted walkways and steps, and got everyone going. The drive home was slow. There were (surprisingly) lots of people out on the road, it was getting dark (and was completely dark by the time we got home), and many of the roads were untouched. We were probably out in the worst of it actually. Since the snow was falling so fast, it was hard to keep the roads clear. It is supposed to stop snowing by tomorrow and then they should be able to get a handle on clearing the roads.

There were some crazy drivers out there, obviously ignorant to how the conditions were. That coupled with the slippery roads made me nervous. I usually love taking pictures of snow, etc., but was too nervous to even do that! You'll just have to take my word for it. I was sure glad to arrive back at Peter's parents' safe and sound. We eventually heard from Tim and Aunt Marian and everyone else got home safely as well. What an answered prayer!

Now we are picking a movie to watch, grabbing leftovers for dinner, and preparing for a fun, relaxing evening! There's something so fun about being snowed in, watching movies, and hanging out with family. :)

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