Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day at Mima's

Merry Christmas!

After an early wake up call, packing the car, and driving 5 hours, we arrived at Mima's! We had a great meal with tons of good food. Some of what we ate was: Chicken w/wine sauce, Tuna Lasagna, Asparagus, Salad, Veal Parmesan, Cookies, and Cake. So yummy!

Then we all gathered in the living room to exchange presents.

Obviously, Andrew is excited to see Peter again...

My lovely in-laws :)

Laura and Bill:

Peter must've been happy to see Andrew because this is the second picture he took of him!

Opening presents:

John-Paul with his new Star Wars book from Mima:

Laura adds more horses to her collection!

Andrew got some C.S. Lewis books. You can only see a piece of them though because Peter cut them out of the picture haha.

Mom and Mima opening the mugs from Matt, Ruthann, Wesley, and Zack:

Mima with her new mug. They were so cute with pictures of the kids on them.

Aunt Grace opening a bracelet from Matt, Ruthann, Wesley, and Zack:

Peter opening cologne from Italy from Mima:

Me with a new cookbook (bakebook?) from Mima :)

Laura opening the horse earrings that we got for her:

Peter taking a picture of John-Paul, and vice versa...

Aunt Grace wrapped Mom and Dad's presents with pre-presents. They weren't sure what was going on since each time they pulled something out, they were told it wasn't the "real" present haha. The "real" present was an awesome gift of pictures on a CD from old slides of Dad's.

Me with my hunny:

Mom inspects the apron we made for Mima. Hope it was up to her standards!

Mima being silly with her new apron:

Aunt Grace opening the coasters that we made for her and Uncle Michael:

Opening presents at Mima's is always more organized than at my parent's house. Both ways have their pros and cons and we enjoy getting to do each.

Peter and I again received many wonderful gifts, including, but not limited to: travel mugs, tea, soap, cologne, a cookbook, a photo from our wedding, cooking utensils, and a beautiful watercolor photo from Italy.

We are now back at Peter's parents house and are getting ready to have some pork roll! Peter and I haven't had any in a while, but it's tradition to have some while in Philly. We can't even find any pork roll to buy in the Pittsburgh area so we usually end up taking some home with us.
Traveling on Christmas and the entire week is always tiring, but we're so happy to be able to see our family and celebrate Christmas with them. Tomorrow they are calling for a huge snowstorm on the East Coast so we will have to see if we're able to see Nana and Aunt Marian tomorrow. We sure hope we can!

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