Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

I love weekends, especially when they are productive and fun! This weekend was some of both for us.
Friday evening ended what was one of the longest weeks ever. We were able to get home a bit earlier than normal which was nice. I picked up some around the house and finally put our third room upstairs back in somewhat of an order. Well, at least you can now walk in and open the closet door in there! We also went to see Handel's Messiah at Calvary Episcopal Church in Shadyside. I discovered it wasn't really for me. I like the music, and would listen to it at home while doing other things, but sitting through it wasn't a great experience. Being completely uncomfortable where I was sitting may have had a bit to do with it as well. We ended up leaving at intermission and Peter promptly informed me that I have the attention span of a 5 year old. I calmly explained to him that he was raised sophisticated - drinking wine and attending Handel's Messiah. I was raised drinking hot chocolate and watching Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation! At least I tried...

Saturday was another day of Christmas shopping. It went longer than we intended, but thankfully not over 8 hours like last Saturday! Around 5 PM, we were back home and had completed most of our Christmas shopping. We only have 3 things left and they'll be relatively no hassle. Saturday night I spent finally cleaning the house (having guests on Sunday after church was great motivation!), cooking, and catching up on my to-do list.

Sunday we attended a great church service and had some friends over for lunch/games afterwards. We played Apples to Apples and Mad Gab. Both are great games! Mad Gab brings the laughter almost immediately! It's fun to listen to people trying to say something and hear their Indian/Irish/Chinese accents come out! So funny!

Cleaning up Sunday evening was a breeze and then it was time for a nap! Peter napped but I just watched a movie. We enjoyed a quiet and relaxing evening at home and are now wondering how much snow we'll have tomorrow morning since they're calling for 6 inches or so...

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