Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July was a "slower" month for us.

Since the 4th was on Saturday, we both got Friday off and had a nice 3 day weekend. We started by hanging out in New Wilmington with the Schindels and Polens for Independence Day festivities. Peter even tried his first funnel cake, but I forgot to take a picture of that!

It was actually very cool for July, which was nicer than it being 90 degrees. It was a great day for sitting outside!

Here's a shot with everyone in it:

Me and the hubby:

This was our view.

Peter and Jeff enjoy watching the fireworks over the lake.

So pretty!

That night we drove to Hollidaysburg for Ash's birthday party the next day. It was a late night, but a nice drive. We did some shopping during the day on Saturday since Ash's party wasn't starting until 3. Gap was our best stop since if you purchased 4 clearance items, you got an additional 40% off. Peter scored with 3 pairs of jeans for $13 each and a sweater and polo shirt. I also got a sweater. Our total was about $60. Not bad at all! Especially considering one pair of jeans that Peter bought were originally priced at $54.50 haha.

We ate lots of yummy food and played many games of volleyball that day. It was another beautiful day. Sunny and in the mid 70's with a nice breeze.

There was a beautiful sunset as we waited for Drew to start his fireworks display.

Some of the sparks would go through the screen onto the porch. I'm surprised the porch hasn't caught on fire yet haha.

Enjoying watching Drew play with fire.

This is where there were a few duds and Drew tried his best to make them light. He even rigged up something with a sparkler to try to catch them on fire, but they just wouldn't.

More fireworks:

Cacie with a sparkler.

Ash and Peter obviously thrilled about the sparklers.

Drew making sure that everyone gets one haha.

Lots of smoke.

The weekend was a blast, except for when we got home to find someone had tried breaking into our house. We thank God that they didn't get in. It was a bit unnerving for the first few nights. When it was time for bed I was super paranoid that I was hearing things haha.

We then spent time finding a new custom back door. Our door size is a bit smaller than an average door so it had to be custom, which basically means double the price-ugh. My aunt also came over and showed us how to rescreen the screens for a cheap fix of not having to buy new screens. And she installed a motion sensor flood light in the back.

After some headache with the door being the wrong size, having to reorder another one and wait another week, it was finally installed! That weekend I even managed to paint the new back door after it was installed and the door to the basement in the kitchen as well as all the trim and put a fresh coat on all the walls. I got a bit carried away, but it needed done and I was pleased when it was all finished.

The rest of July was spent visiting with friends on the weekend, doing some yard and house work and trying to catch our breaths. I can't believe how quickly summer is going!

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