Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Wreath

I come from a family that always has something on their front door. Naked doors are just something we don't do. I have a few seasonal wreaths and plaques. Problem is leaving a Christmas wreath with a snowman on your door until spring doesn't fly. Especially when we have had an unseasonably warm winter with barely any snow. So what's a girl to do when the next thing to put on her door is too "springy"?

Thanks to pinterest, I've become a huge fan of rag wreaths. I bought a wire wreath frame, a few bucks worth of white/beige fabrics, and cut up old linen pants and used burlap ribbon I had to make this wreath.

About $10, a bit of a mess, and a few hours later it was done! I love the way it looks with the different color tones and textures.

My new "winter" wreath:


Barb said...

Hi there. You left a comment on my blog so I had to come over to "meet". :) I love the wreath you made - it looks great with your black door. I'm kinda obsessed with black doors - I love the way they look.

Have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

This looks so cool! :)