Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday? YES!

I am so glad that it's Friday and that this crazy hectic week is over!  Unfortunately I've been sick the whole week but it hasn't been as bad as it was over the weekend.  I just came home after work on Monday and basically did nothing but make some dinner and watch tv...I was really too tired to do anything else.  On Tuesday, we went to Young Adults but I wasn't feeling great so I wasn't too into any of it.  I had a headache and was sniffling, etc. so was glad to just come home and hit the sack after a full day of work and then dinner and YA at church.  I hadn't been sleeping very well at that point in the week so Tuesday night before I fell asleep I asked Peter to say a prayer for me and also said a prayer myself for me to be able to sleep through the night (something I hadn't done in a few nights).  When my alarm went off the next morning, I was so happy to hear it haha.  Not really happy but glad that I had actually slept the entire night through.  It was so refreshing and gave me a lot more energy throughout the day.  Wednesday night Peter and I came home and I made some yummy taco salad for dinner and we cleaned and finally unpacked our luggage from the trip that's been sitting in the spare room half unpacked.  We also watched the "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" show on TV.  It was Peter's first time seeing it but I watch it every year.  While we watched it, we also decorated our house for Christmas.  It looks great!  I'll post pictures sometime soon.  Tomorrow we're going to get our Christmas tree and will also decorate the outside of our house...I'm so excited!  On Thursday we finished cleaning by sweeping all the floors and putting random things away from around the house...basic redding up.  Today was really long day at work, especially for Peter because his boss was kind of being a jerk and he didn't end up picking me up for 1.5 hours so we were both happy to see each other at 6:30.  We stopped at Giant Eagle for a few groceries and also to get gift cards to buy our new microwave this weekend and some Christmas presents.  At GE, they're doing double fuelperks for gift cards so it's a great deal!  Speaking of gift cards, our CEO gave us all 2 $25 gift cards today as a Christmas present.  I got one for Bed, Bath and Beyond (which I love!) and one for Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Bahama Breeze/Smokey Bones (it works at any of the 4 places) so I was happy!  We also stopped at Chick Fil A for dinner.  They have their 2008 calendars on sale for $5...but we got it for free because if you buy a $20 gift card, you get it free.  So we bought the gift card and then used it to buy our dinner for $13.95 haha.  So we got dinner, plus half a dinner next time we go and a calendar for $20.  Plus the calendar has coupons in it for free sandwiches, drinks, meals, etc each month so it would more than pay for itself even if you did buy it for $5.  After dinner, we stopped at DSW to look for winter boots.  I didn't find anything though :(  We also stopped at TJ Maxx to look but nothing again...I did however find a pair of super cute comfy black heels for $25!  I bought them but am not sure if I'll keep them....Peter says I don't really need them but my other rounded toe ones aren't as comfy as these I dunno...something to think about haha.  My aunt Paula also came over tonight and is staying the night until tomorrow.  She's going to come get a tree with us and help decorate, etc.  Should be so fun!  We stayed up chatting until like 11:40 (except Peter was exhausted and went to bed before that).  Now I'm getting sleepy as I type this and watch "What Not To Wear" so I'm going to go rest up for another fun weekend!

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