Monday, November 12, 2007

Wonderful weekend...just for us!

This weekend was just what we needed.  We spend it just at home, doing whatever we felt like it, just us together--so much fun!  We've been so busy visiting people and having visitors, that we really needed a weekend to just relax and be together.  

Saturday we lounged around in the morning, ate breakfast and watched the live actor version of "101 Dalmations" on tv.  Then we got off our lazy butts and went outside and raked the back yard.  It took a long time!  Most of the trees are bare so at least we won't have to do a second round really.  We didn't touch the front yard because it wasn't really that bad.  After raking, we came in and then went to Walmart to get a reprint of some pictures we had taken.  The online thing automatically cropped one of our photos and we didn't ask them to?  It really messed up the picture.  Unfortunately, their photo center was down all day :(  Oh well.  We grabbed a couple of groceries and then swung by Great Clips so Peter could get his hair cut.  On the way home, we phone into the Chinese Restaurant down the street and ordered take out for 6:00.  We came home, at Chinese in our jammies and watched part of "Sleepless in Seattle" and then "Cops", "America's Most Wanted", and "Pinky and the Brain" before heading to bed.  

Sunday we went to church in the morning and it was a great message-we both left feeling very encouraged and challenged!  We came home and ate lunch and watched "Pinky and the Brain" and some random tv shows.  For dinner I made chicken tenderloins and pesto pasta and we watched more "Pinky and the Brain"!    During one of the episodes around 7:30, I was laying with my head on a pillow in Peter's lap and ended up falling asleep for 1.5 hours!  I woke up once around 8 and looked around (Peter told me this) and then passed out again.  Apparently I was out cold.  I think it was because I didn't sleep too great the night before because Cadi was jumping all over me.  It was such a good nap though!  I woke up feeling very refreshed haha.  I'm proud to say that I know the entire theme song for P&TB now haha.  Then we watched "Shark" and hit the sack.  

Most of our weekend was spent in the living room, snuggling and watching movies, wrestling, and talking and just being together.  It was relaxing and we were both sad when the weekend ended :(

Today after work we stopped at Walmart again and tried to get our prints straightened out, but had no luck!  I was disappointed but we'll deal with it after our anniversary trip.  Apparently their jump drive didn't work so we couldn't pull our picture from our jump drive and didn't have it on CD.  Oh well!  We stopped at Wendy's on the way home because I had a really busy and long day and didn't feel like cooking.  Then we came home and I got a lot of our stuff ready for the trip....bathing suits, suntan lotions, etc.  I even got a lot of my clothes packed!  I'm so excited to get out of PA and away from our jobs for a little bit!  

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