Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fun Sunday!

I got up kind of early this morning....right before 8 because of that extra hour of sleep.  It was nice though because I made some breakfast, showered and hung around.  There was no rush to get up and ready for church. 
After church, we had a turkey dinner.  I had put the turkey in before we left and when we got home I made the corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy.  It was yummy!  For dessert, we had the pumpkin roll that I made Saturday morning before Paula got here.  

After we ate, Paula hit the road and Peter and I bummed around in our sweats.  We watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" which was really good.  I just didn't like the one part where Helen got a little crazy with the situation with Charles.  Besides that though, it had me laughing, highly intrigued, and made my eyes water at one or two parts.  It was cool to see all of the lines containing truths about God.  I was kind of shocked to see it in a popular theater movie like that but appreciated it also.  Some of it was just sooo true!  I highly recommend the movie!  Peter got hungry during the movie so we paused it and made dinner.  I had some chicken nuggets and french fries and Peter had scrambled eggs, toast and bacon haha. 

Now we're just lounging around the house, making our list for things to get at Walmart tomorrow after work, and I'm awaiting 10 when "Shark" comes on!  We just heard some rummaging around upstairs and knew it was Cadi but didn't know what she was doing.  We kept calling for her and she didn't come, which is highly unlike her.  I even rustled a plastic bag and still---nothing!  So I went upstairs and found her stuck in the linen closet!  She must have jumped in (she tends to do that) when I wasn't looking and then I closed it and came down here.  I felt so bad.  I swooped her up in my arms and she just snuggled in.  We came downstairs again and now she's just curled up against my leg.  I felt so bad!  She's such a good kitty though.  :)

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