Saturday, November 3, 2007

Schenley Park

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  My aunt Paula arrived this morning and we were going to go to Phipps Conservatory with her.  Just our luck though, we were 4 people from the ticket counter when they announced they were sold out til 4 PM...and they close at 5!  There's a special exhibit going on in the evenings so the lady told us they reopen at 6, but you have to pay thanks!  We were a bit bummed since we've been wanting to visit Phipps for a while but decided we'd just walk around Schenley Park and hang out for a bit.  Here's some pictures of our walk through the park...

It was just beautiful...warm weather, cool breezes and beautiful trees and sky!  The park is really huge and very neat. 

I was going to take a picture of the one trail we were on, but Peter was too excited to get his picture taken!

The 3 of us at Schenley.

A view of the trail we walked on...

My aunt Paula and me.

A view of part of the city from Schenley Park.

Me and the hubby :)

After walking around a bit, we found a cute gazebo and sat inside and talked for a while.  Then we drove over to the Waterfront and walked around the shops there.  We were looking for jeans for Peter because he ripped holes in two of his pairs at work doing things for Bruce.  I also found a few more Christmas gifts and a long sleeve thermal shirt for around the house for me at Gap--on the clearance rack, of course!  Peter found some jeans but they didn't have his size...he had a sales associate look on the computer to see if any store nearby had them in his size, since they were also from the clearance rack...Luckily, Monroeville's store had 1 pair left so the guy called and put them on hold for Peter.  We grabbed a bite to eat at EatNPark because I was totally hungry for one of their chicken portabella hoagies!  Peter got a bacon cheeseburger and the salad bar and my aunt got the salad bar only.  We all ate (and were totally stuffed!) for $30!  

We headed to Monroeville after that to get Peter's jeans and when we got to the mall, the parking lot was packed!  Inside, the mall was pretty crowded too...and decorated for CHRISTMAS!  I couldn't believe it.  Folks were carrying around armfuls of's really the Christmas shopping season I guess.  

We got back to our house around 7 or so and had some hot drinks.  Peter had hot chocolate, I had some chai tea, and Paula had chamomile tea.  We flipped through stations on the tv and couldn't find much of anything.  We watched some HGTV and eventually settled on a movie--"You've Got Mail".  I've already seen it tons of times but neither Peter nor Paula had.  Well Paula missed most of the movie because she was dozing in and out of sleep and Peter played Hero Wars on the computer and missed most of it too haha.  I had a good time watching it though!  

The movie ended at 11 and we turned all of our clocks back for the extra hour of sleep tonight!

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