Wednesday, November 7, 2007

'Tis the Season

Well it's officially the "holiday" time of the year.  I love it.  I'm a bit bummed that fall was so brief this year, but enjoyed it nonetheless.  It actually snowed here....yes I said snow.  Not any accumulation or anything but flurries were in the air yesterday.  And ever since my first sighting of a Christmas commercial right before Halloween, I see them every day now!  I've been doing sporadic Christmas shopping too.  I'm so excited for the holidays this year and that we'll have lots more time with our family than we did last year.  

Next week we leave for Naples!  I can't wait for that either!  It'll be a nice getaway.  Peter has really been working hard lately and I think it'll be nice to get away from all that for both of us.  I really admire Peter for all his hard work.  I've met the people he works with and God's really given Peter patience with them.  Everyday I hear about what Peter did for the 8 hours I didn't see him and it just sounds like a giant headache for him.  I can't say that the people I work with are any better though.  My boss and several folks are decent but I definitely have those crazy people too.  

I'm glad that when we get back from Naples, there will still be one week left in November.  Last year we didn't get back until the first week of December was over so Christmas was really rushed.  Plus we only had 4 days to see all of our family so that was rushed too.  I hope to get all decorated for Christmas the weekend we get back since we'll still have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at home.  Then since I have much of my Christmas shopping done, I can bake a bunch of Christmas cookies...something I didn't get to do last year :(

This week has been going by rather slowly.  I think it's because I had my root canal yesterday and since then it's just been rather...painful?  Although, it's not as bad as the first one I had a few months ago that made me cry afterwards!  I think it's because I'm taking Boswellin 3x a day for my hand and that's an herbal way to fight inflammation.  So that, with ibuprofen, is really helping a lot this time.  It still is unbearable to chew on the right side though :(  I skipped out on Bible Study last night.  HomeBuilders is over so we're going to go to Young Adults for a while and check that out to see if it's a fitting place for us.  I wasn't up for it last night though so Peter went solo.  He said it was I'll have to see next week.  Tonight we stopped at Walmart again on the way home because I needed wood glue haha.  Then we made burgers and hot dogs on the grill with pasta salad!  YUM.  Tomorrow evening Pastor Tim is coming by for a little bit around 7:30.  I'm going to bake brownies for our little gathering...again--YUM!

In other news....I totally love the Fruit of the Loom commercial with Vince funny and cute!  Right up there with the "IDK my BFF Rose" commercial with the grandma sending text messages!

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