Friday, November 16, 2007

Waking up in FLORIDA!

It was soooo great to wake up and be in Naples this morning. When I first woke up, I was rather disoriented and it took me a few seconds to realize where I was. After that realization, I was excited to wake up and start the day, even though it was only like 8:30 AM. I woke Peter up because we had to to get breakfast and food for the week. We were too tired to even think of doing it on our way in last night. We went to McDonald's to get McGriddles for breakfast and then headed up to Walmart. We got food for breakfast and lunches and a couple dinners. Basically things like burgers, lunchmeat, veggies, fruit, cereal, etc. We planned to eat out some of the time but also to make some meals at the condo. I picked things that were quick and easy to make at the condo. I had to plan carefully though because I didn't want to have to buy spices, olive oil, or things like that.

We got home right at lunchtime so I made some pasta salad with pepperoni, green peppers, cheddar cheese chunks, and olives mixed in italian dressing-yum! And we made BLT sandwiches to eat with it. Of course, Peter had his usually turkey and cheese added to his BLT :) We also had our favorite kettle cooked BBQ chips! After lunch, we headed out to the pool with books in hand. We read and swam and napped all afternoon. It was fabulous!

We came in and showered and watched the sunset from our living room balcony. It was beautiful. 

It was 69 degrees today which was nice but it's supposed to be even warmer and sunnier all week!  We already are showing signs of sun--Peter is tan and I get freckles, haha.  

We went out to dinner tonight at Red Lobster. I've always liked this restaurant but tonight was especially good! I had the grilled salmon with a sweet and spicey glaze with a baked potato, fresh grilled veggies and a salad. Peter had a new york strip steak with broccoli and a salad and I gave him half of my potato. I also had a frozen strawberry margarita. These coupled with their cheddar bay biscuits made a great dinner! We were so busy eating that we totally forgot to take any pictures-oops!

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