Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's the thought that counts...

Did you ever have someone do something for you or give you a present that you could just tell was very thoughtful on their part? No matter how corny or ridiculous whatever it was they did for you or gave you? I had this happen to me yesterday and it really just warmed my heart and filled my love tank. When we got home from work, there was a big m&m box sitting on our front porch--I was immediately excited about what was in it! m&ms are my all-time ultimate favorite candy-EVER. I've loved them since my mom bribed me to swallow pills with them when I was young haha. Peter was bummed though because the company ruined his surprise. So instead of waiting to give it to me, I got it early. (It was supposed to be for our anniversary.) Inside the box were 4 bags of m&ms! Not just ordinary m&ms though...they were pink and yellow and had special anniversary sayings that Peter had picked out. :D I could tell he put thought into what to write on them, what color to choose, what kind of packaging, etc etc etc and it really just touched my heart. I love gifts like that. It doesn't have to be anything really is "the thought that counts". I'm a bit torn though because I love m&ms and I don't want to eat these special ones! (I know I will though haha)

Peter had to work at Arvind's last night so I was home alone most of the evening. I find myself to be more productive when alone....well usually. I think it's because I'd rather spend my time relaxing and hanging out with Peter than cleaning together...although I do really enjoy cleaning together too. Last night I swept and dusted the whole house, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry and baked cookies! And all in about 3 hours-whew! I used the chocolate chip cheesecake cookies that Laura had on her xanga. They were very yummy! Peter's not a big fan of cookies in general so I brought most of them to work and they're being devoured by my coworkers.

It's November first already-holy smokes! In two weeks exactly I leave for Naples! I'm so excited! I know that the next two weeks are going to fly by too. When we get back, we'll still have 3 days off from work so I'll be decorating for the holidays then...can you believe it?! Again though, I'm totally excited! I can't wait to spend the week around Christmas visiting with our family and friends. :)

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