Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day of Traveling!

Today was an extremely long day! Peter and I had to be packed and ready to go this morning because we were leaving for Naples right after work. Peter even brought Cadi to work with him in the morning until he was meeting with Barney at lunchtime to drop her off. We both worked all day and Peter picked me up at 3:30 to head to the airport. We left ourselves plenty of time since we missed our flight last year haha.

We got to the airport around 4, got some dinner and were waiting at the gate for our flight around 6. We were scheduled to leave at 6:40. The plane was slightly delayed getting off the ground since the plane before us was late getting in. No worries though, we were fine and weren't going to miss our connection in Atlanta. There was a lady in front of us who was worried though. She had a big bag and got on board close to last and had to put her bag all the way in the back of the plane. The flight attendant was rather rude to her and told her he couldn't get it now because it was too late (we were already descending). She had tried to get his attention before though and he was busy flirting with other woman. I felt bad for her. I realized she had the same connection and told her that we'd tell them she was on her way, in case she wasn't going to make it since she basically had to wait for everyone to get off the plane, run and get her bag then get off herself. She said she was first on the standby list and there was another flight 2 hrs later so she wasn't too worried because either way she'd get there. Our connection in Atlanta ended up being right across from where we landed, even though it had a whole 'nother corridor as the gate on our ticket?? Oh well, we were glad. We stopped and got some starbucks which was real close by and I saw the same lady from the plane hustling in the wrong direction. She was going where the ticket said (which makes sense, but wasn't true because had asked someone which gate it was at) and I felt bad and told Peter I'd be right back. I took off after her and was like "you're going the wrong way!" She looked confused and I told her that our tickets were wrong and that the gate is right near us. She thanked me up and down and called me an angel. I just really felt bad for her because I would have done the same thing. After hitting up the restrooms, Peter and I boarded and I saw that the lady had made it on board. That was my nice deed for the day haha.

We landed in Fort Lauderdale a little late and something was wrong with the baggage claim...only half of the folks on board got their bags and then it stopped. We figured they were just bringing all the other transfer luggage, but boy did it take a while! It was nearly 25 minutes til we got our stuff and headed towards Enterprise for our car rental. The bad part is that we were supposed to land by 11 and Enterprise closes at 12. We figured we'd have plenty of time...well by the time we were heading to our car, it was 11:58. Peter called Enterprise but no one was picking up. We began getting nervous, especially since we had to take a shuttle to the rental cars. I am used to just walked across the lot to one. So we didn't really get to Enterprise til 12:02 and Peter took off running. I had the bags and followed quickly behind. Luckily, many other people were getting cars still so we were able to get ours. We got a bit of a discount and an upgrade which was nice, although they were ruder than last year at Ft Myers. By the time we had the car packed and were on the road, it was after 12:30. We got to the Beachmoor a little after 3 AM (we accidentally went the wrong way on Immokalee Rd because we were following directions from Ft. Myers-oops!) and quickly got inside and headed to bed by 3:30. We were pooped! What a long day, but boy were we glad to be in Florida!

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