Friday, November 2, 2007


I was so glad to wake up today and know that it was Friday!  However, work really dragged out for a while since I was anxiously waiting for it to be over haha. 
After work, Peter and I stopped at Wendy's on the way home for dinner.  I knew he'd be hungry because he had a really early lunch because of a meeting he had.  The great thing about wendy's is he had 3 burgers, I had chicken nuggets and a salad, we shared fries...and we didn't even spend $7!  I love it.  :)  We also stopped by Giant Eagle for a few groceries and things that I had on my shopping list that were on sale this week.  When we got home, we both really did a lot of nothing much.  I watch "Big Momma's House" and Peter played computer games.  We also both looked over our new digital camera.  Peter bought it on woot last week for $100.  We're going to sell both of our old ones on craigslist and hope to about break even.  We got it as an "anniversary" present to ourselves.  We'll have it for this weekend to get used to it and then be able to take it with us to Naples in 2 weeks!  Speaking of naples, I also bought 3 Karen Kingsbury books on ebay today!  I bought the 3 books in the "Forever Faithful" series-new-for a combined total (including shipping) of $20.48!  At Barnes and Noble, I could have only bought one of them for that price.  I can't wait to get them in the mail and be able to read them on the plane and on the beach and by the pool!  I can't believe we leave so soon!  

Tonight I was also able to find the absolute most perfect Christmas gift online from a guy in California.  It's bought and being shipped tomorrow!  It's a long story but can't put it up here because it's for someone who may be reading this haha.  I'll explain after the holidays (if I remember) haha.

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