Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park

To temporarily escape our routine, we decided to go to Delnor Wiggins Pass right down the road from the Beachmoor. It was small, but nice to see and for only $5 for both of us, not bad at all. We're so used to parks being more woodsy since we're from PA but this was more beach so not much to do that we don't already do back at the condo's beach haha. I did find some great shells though!

The sign at the beginning of the park.

The path into the park...

A picnic area....we should have packed lunches, but it never crossed our minds...oops!

Delnor Wiggins had some great scenery to it...

This is the path you could walk around on...basically parallel to the beach, but it was nice.

More beautiful scenery:

Me looking for more shells. I found so many great ones again this year! We thought about going to Sanibel Island, which is famous for its shells, but didn't think to until the end of our trip and didn't want to make the treck there. Maybe next time-whenever that will be!

We climbed up this tower that said to "climb at your own risk". When we got to the top, we figured out why-it's not very sturdy! Peter shook on railing and the whole tower was wobbling! It gave us some great views though!

This is from the top of the tower...some great tree top shots!

After the park, we got hungry and drove to the mall to have Chick Fil A for lunch. I totally love Chick Fil A and am glad that Naples has one! We went into the mall in our swimsuits. I had a coverup on and Peter was wearing a tshirt...but boy we got strange looks! You'd think for a mall at the beach, you'd see more of this, but definitely not. Oh well!

After lunch, we decided we missed the pool and drove back to the Beachmoor to grab our books and towels and head to the pool. We have yet to see anyone else in the pool area at all. I'm not complaining because it's been like our own private pool!

We showered after the pool and made chicken fajitas for dinner in the condo and ate in the living room while the sun was setting. Now it's time to get ready for mini golf!

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