Monday, November 19, 2007

Movie Monday

Today was another great day!  Of course we spent the morning and afternoon eating, swimming, etc.  I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading and am about halfway through it.  It's a more in depth book than the last Karen Kingsbury book I read, but I still like it.  We also took some pictures outside during the sunset tonight.  The sunsets have been magnificent each night.  I love being able to sit in the condo and watch the sun go down.  The lighting is beautiful! 

Here's my handsome hubby--the best husband in the whole wide world!  AND SO CUTE!

A picture of the sunset from the balcony...

The pond in the front of the Beachmoor

A close-up of the fishies in the pond

More of the front of the building...

Sunset pictures...amazing!

This is the grill area where Peter grilled us some yummy burgers :)

Us in front of the pond on our way to dinner.

The sunset was so pretty that we had to snap a few more shots of it!

Another one of us :)

Can you guess where we at dinner? haha

We had gone to Chili's a few weekends ago with my parents in PA and liked it so much that I wanted to go again.  We were there during a special menu time or something so we got great deals on the food!  I got another frozen strawberry margarita and they were 2 for 1 so Peter got one too for free! haha  and we both got ribs, fries/loaded mashed potatoes/veggies/garlic bread/salad for $10.99 each.  Not bad!  We ended up eating for less than $30 and got tons of food!  

After dinner, we went to the mall to waste some time because we were going to the movies but it didn't start for another hour.  We window shopped a lot and before we knew it, we were heading to the movies.  We saw "Dan In Real Life".  It was pretty funny but Peter and I agreed that it probably would have been funnier if Ben Stiller played Dan instead of Steve Carell.  The movie reminded me a lot of "Meet the Parents" in terms of all of the unlucky, ridiculous things that happened to the guy.  It was still a good time though!  

After the movies, we stopped at CVS to get Peter some sinus medicine because he's been feeling a bit under the weather.  We got home a few minutes after 10 and turned on the tv for the finale of "The Bachelor".  Man-what a shocker!  The first time he sent both girls home!  It sparked a lot of conversation between us and Peter and I totally agree with what the guy did.  He can't possibly give his whole heart to one girl after spending so much time with others at the same time.  Marriage is a one time thing and just because the show thinks you should get engaged at the end of it (ONLY 6 WEEKS!) doesn't mean you should.  I give Brad a lot of credit because it was probably a really hard decision but I think he was very respectful for what he did.  Lots of people are going to say he led them on and blah blah blah but he can't help how he feels and I think he did the honest and right thing.  And everyone knows that the right thing to do isn't always the easy thing to do.

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