Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday-Saturday: Sick.

Well I had a great time in Naples...too bad I came back with a cold! The travels home sure were hectic and probably didn't help haha. Thursday at midnight we left Naples and drove to Ft. Lauderdale for our 5:40 flight. We had planned to grab something to eat at Denny's but when we got there, neither of us were really hungry so we got coffee/hot chocolate and quickly departed. It was probably the scariest/most run down Denny's we've ever seen haha.

We arrived at the airport at 2:45 and found no one to be around. We couldn't print our boarding passes until 3:45 am (we had checked in via iPhone but needed to print them still). So there were all kinds of couch-like sitting areas so we plopped down and read/napped/listened to music for an hour. At that time, we found the screens still not working to print our passes, but around 4:00 we finally were able to! But there still wasn't anyone from AirTran there to check our bags so we stood in line waiting since the airport was getting crowded and we saw workers arriving anyways. Finally at 4:15 AM, they opened and had a huge mess of people to deal with. It was really their own fault though because several of them were at work and just hiding in the back haha. Luckily we were first in line and didn't have to wait long. Then we wandered over to security, which still wasn't open haha. 5-10 minutes later and they opened and we got to the gate for our plane at about 5 AM. We just sat there and I was feeling awful at this point. Peter got me some hot tea when the little cafe opened and we boarded the plane at 5:30. Unfortunately, we sat on the plane for a half hour before taking off because of a problem with having the wrong pilot on board. I fell asleep waiting to take off haha. 1.5 hrs + a quick connection in Atlanta (luckily it was close by!) + another 1.5 hr flight and we were in Pittsburgh! We arrive to find over an inch of snow on our car to brush off. I was excited to see it snowing. It made it feel soooo Christmasy! I don't think Peter was as excited haha. But when we left the airport, it was barely snowing and no other place had snow on the ground. :(

We drove up to BF, stopped for Starbucks for me on the way, to pick up Cadi at Barney's and Peter helped them move the washer/dryer from the basement so Barney could take them to his new apt. Another hour drive and we were finally HOME! I felt bad for Peter because he was doing all the driving to/from our vacation and I kept getting quick naps in. He said he didn't mind though. I'm so lucky to have him do those kinds of things! We slept until about 6 PM on Friday and forced ourselves to get up because we didn't want to mess up our sleeping schedules too badly. We hit the sack again before 10PM though haha.

Today, we woke up and were big lazy bums. At 12, we left to go pick up a replica of our wedding cake (top portion only) for free from our cake lady from last year. We also stopped at the mall for lunch and to look for a new microwave (ours died on Friday night). No luck with the microwave, but I did find a cute pair of pants haha. The malls were so crowded! It's definitely holiday shopping time. I'm glad I've already got a huge chunk of shopping done! This evening we ate dinner at home after grabbing some groceries at Giant Eagle and watched random tv shows/played on our computers and now off to bed and it's not even 10 PM yet.

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