Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet Pea and Violet

I opened my newest deodorant today and it smells sooo good! It's Suave's sweet pea and violet and it's a great scent! I usually go for the powder fresh type scents and tried something different this time and am glad I did. I wish they sold some kind of body spray in it, but I searched online and saw they sell it in body wash so I think I'll get that next. :)

In other news---OUR HOT TUB IS BACK UP AND RUNNING!!! I'm so pumped about it! We finally got someone to come out on Monday morning and it needed a new heating element. About $250 (parts and labor) later....we have a working hot tub again! I was a little worried on Monday morning when I woke up and it was snowing and blowing. I was afraid we were going to get a call saying that they can't come or something, but at 7:45 the guy was here and by 8:15 he knew what was wrong, wrote us up a parts slip, we paid him and that was that! We thought we'd be late for work but we left at 8:30 so we were fine. We had to get the tub emptying and then hit the road. The guy was coming back when we were at work and said he'd put in the part, etc. I was so happy to see he came when we got back yesterday. We got home late because we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home. So when we got home, Peter started filling the tub and I tied the sleigh and reindeer on the front porch to the railing so it wouldn't fall over again. Sunday night when the wind picked up, they blew over and pulled down all the icicle lights with it since they were all plugged in together. We woke up Monday morning and was like ugh... I had accidentally pulled them down on Sunday when I was fixing something outside so that was the third time putting them up. It's just because it starts a chain reaction..but now it's all secured and up and working and so is the hot tub. We're so glad :)

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