Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas for Two

Since Peter and I would be traveling around this week visiting family, we decided to have our own little Christmas with each other on Thursday night 12/20.  After work, we exchanged presents between the two of us.  It was so quant and fun and we're so glad we did it!  Plus it didn't make sense to pack up all those presents to bring with us only to unwrap someplace else and pack up and bring back home!  

We tried using the timer on our new camera for the first time since we got works quite if we could only get Cadi to sit still.  She was too excited with all the ribbons and lights haha.

Take 2...she still wasn't looking.

Last try...and still she's not paying attention.  

If you look closely, you can see that Cadi's little paw is playing with the ribbon.  She was having a great time with the presents-so cute!

Isn't my husband such a cutie?  I sure think so!

He's so excited for Christmas presents!

Peter decided to try to wrap Cadi up...she didn't like that too much.

Peter hid a present for me in my stocking!  It was diamond earrings :)

Peter had no idea what this present was because I put it in a random box...

But once he figured it out, he was thrilled!  It was a music box with a snowman that turns while playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".   He told me how he like musical things so much because it reminded him of Nana's and was so surprised I bought him one :)

I was so happy to get a new knife set- JA Henckles!  I have one Henckle knife from mom Formica from my bridal shower that I absolutely love and use all the time.  My other knives really dimmed in now I have a whole set I can use that will be easier on my hand when I'm chopping and cooking dinner....and I won't have to worry if my one good knife is dirty haha.  

We piled all the unwrapped paper and ribbon in one spot and guess who liked that spot the best?  Yup, Cadi!  She hid in it and played the whole time we exchanged gifts.  

Kind of hard to see, but this is my new knife set!

Me, wearing my new hat that Peter got me and unwrapping another gift.  

My handsome hubby getting another present of his to open :)

I couldn't figure out what this one was...

But it's an apron!  And it even matches our!  

Cadi checking out the craziness of opening presents.

Peter opening the first 3 seasons of "The Office"...

He can barely believe it haha.

This is such a great picture of Peter that I just had to add it.  He's so handsome and cute and I just love him so much!

Cadi kept climbing in empty boxes and making us laugh :)

Cadi also tried sitting under the tree and being a present haha.

This was such a fun time for us to have a little bit more of a private Christmas with just the two of us before visiting all the family.  It was great to take this time and be together just us because we knew we'd be so busy the next week and not want to go away from family to do that since we're traveling so far to see them.  I think we're both glad we decided to do this.  :)  

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