Friday, December 21, 2007

What a week!

This past week has been completely crazy for us!  We both had tons to do at work, especially with preparing to be away for a week.  In addition to that, we had to finish shopping. wrapping, baking, and pack for our departure this evening.  I'm happy to post that we have made it to Hollidaysburg to start our break!  What a fitting city to do so in.  

Last night Jerry came over to meet Cadi and for us to show him where we keep her food, etc.  He's going to come every other day to check on her and play with her for a bit since we had to leave her at home.  I won't lie--I've been very sad about having to leave her behind this week.  Since we've added her to our home over a year ago, it just seems wrong and incomplete to be celebrating Christmas without her with us.  I love how she was even excited when we decorated our tree and the house...she sat and stared for a while at all the lights.  Sure she knocks an ornament off the tree...even broke one...but I love her just the same.  I love how she cuddles with me and looks at me with her cute little face...and frankly I miss her already.  

This morning at work I had to conduct the quarterly benefits meeting and then we had our company luncheon.  Our company holiday party had already taken place on Dec 1, but I didn't attend.  I prefer the lunch to the party....though I haven't been to a party yet.  The party has all 250-ish employees there and their spouse/guest (at least those who wish to attend).  Our lunch is only for DBA home office so it's much smaller and nicer.  We go out to lunch and then do a grab bag gift and get to leave early.  That worked out nicely for us today because Peter got to leave early too because they also had a company lunch.  We were heading home by 4:30 and got home, changed, packed up the car and headed out around 6.  The trip over wasn't too bad...we waited to leave because of rush hour.  Traffic was still dense, but could have been a lot worse and at least we weren't sitting in traffic for long periods of time.  I had to call 911 on the way over because we saw someone who seemed to be driving drunk.  It lasted for a while on 22 and I finally just called to report him...crossing the outer and middle lines...weaving a ton....cutting people off, etc.  I gave the 911 operator our location on the road, the description of the car, as well as the license plate and he thanked me and said he was sending someone over to where the car was now.   (The guy had pulled into a shopping center which I had told the operator.)  I kind of felt bad but after having seen it go on for 15 miles or so and watching it get increasingly dangerous with nearly missing other cars at high speeds....I was compelled to call.  Who knows, I could have possibly saved someone's life tonight.

Time for bed....we have a busy couple of days here in Hollidaysburg and that's just going to continue until we get home next week so we need to rest up!

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