Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Adventures

We've been having a great time here in Hollidaysburg, but have definitely been busy!  After seeing Mark's job site yesterday, Peter and I grabbed some lunch and came home and hung out with Bryson for a bit.  Then we had dinner with my parents...yummy bbq pork and mac & cheese and coleslaw...all tasty!  Then we went with my parents and Bryson to see a local live nativity.  It's not as good as some that I've seen before where they actually read the scripture and act it out, but it had live animals and there were folks standing out in the cold so kudos to them!  Then Peter and I met up with Emily and went to the mall to help her find a Christmas Eve outfit and then we went back to my parents and watched Elf and 48 Hours Mystery.  By the time that was over at 11 and Em went home, we were pooped and headed to bed!  

Us on the way to the nativity scene...

Today was another action packed day.  We went to Hong Kong Buffet for lunch with my parents, Ash, and Bryson and had a great lunch together.  After that, Peter and Ashley and I went shopping at a couple quick places.  I just wanted to go to Ross's because we don't have one close to our house in Pittsburgh and I love that store.  We also realized we needed some last minute presents so came up with those.  Then Ash dropped us off at home before she went out with Cacie.  Peter and I watched some TV, he played an old school Atari with Bryson, 
and we relaxed for a bit before Ashley got back and then we helped her wrap presents.  At 5 we went to Garvey Manor to visit Pat and had pizza with everyone.  It was quite a crazy night with all 14 of us there but it was fun.  We exchanged gifts with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  When we got home, my mom had told me Ryan was coming tomorrow so I quickly ran out and bought him a present because I didn't think I was going to see him.  It's a not so good situation so we just never know...and if we buy him something he might never get it.  So since I hadn't heard I was going to see him, I just didn't buy him anything.  It's getting late again and I'm tired!  This coming week is only going to be more nuts with traveling, visiting family, running around, etc.  But at least we won't be at work for another week!

Us at Garvey Manor visiting Pat for Christmas...

Peter and Sarah playing first they didn't like each other, then they did, then Bryson hated Sarah for touching his Gameboy without asking haha...

Not sure what's happening here, but Peter's obviously against whatever my mom's saying haha.

My great aunt Pat with my aunt Theresa opening gifts.

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