Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nana's, Blackout, and Drexel Hill

Today was a day filled with excitement.  After we woke up and had breakfast, we showered and headed to Nana's house to see her and Aunt Marian.  We helped Nana put up her new tv in her bedroom and waited for Aunt M to arrive.  When she got there, she sneaked in and up the stairs to where we were and I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and freaked out because I didn't know it was her at first.  I almost had a heart attack!  We had a yummy soup for lunch and then exchanged gifts.  We felt really dumb because we left Aunt M's at mom and dad's and Nana's (and Mima's) at home :(  We still got really nice gifts from them though including a movie, Starbucks gift card, a check, a cool trivet, and Nana's usual bag of random stuff with the actual shampoo/conditioner I use!  Aunt M wasn't feeling well so she called off work...she was sick in the stomach and we all felt so bad for her.  We just relaxed and watched "Polar Express" together.  I've never seen it and have been wanting to for the past few weeks and so I was glad to see it.  It was a pretty cute Christmas movie.  After the movie, we headed home because it was about 4:30 and we were going to be in rush hour traffic.  We were supposed to go see Tim and Vasti again but we were so exhausted we had to cancel.  We just needed time to veg out and unwind and relax.  We stayed home with Andrew and dad and they all watched and old tape with a bunch of "3 Stooges" on it.  In the middle of the last episode, the power went out.  We thought they blew a fuse but the whole block was out and even further.  Dad called in to the electric company and they had no news of it yet.  A few minutes later he called again and they said 429 customers were affected by the power outage.  Andrew and I enjoyed the power being out but I don't think Peter and dad did.  We decided to see a house on Drexel Hill that's always lit up real nice with crazy lights, etc and then if the power was still out, we were going to look for the crew that the electric company said was on its way.  

This is the was sweet, but hard to capture on camera.

They had tons of lights and little booth type things with Santa, etc in them all lit up.  Apparently they usually also have reindeer flying around, but they weren't on because it was raining.  Bummer!

The house blinked "Seasons" then "Greetings" then "Seasons Greetings" together which all corresponded with the lights on the house blinking too.  I tried to take a video of it all but my camera battery died.  

When we got back home, the power was on and so we resumed activity in the house.  When mom got home we told her of the adventures she missed out on.  Lucky for the electric company crew that the power was back on because dad was going to give them a piece of his mind!

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