Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mark's New Job!

Mark loves his new job doing sales at the local radio stations.  He even quit Courtesy because he didn't have time to do both and really loved selling cars at Courtesy so I know he must really like it here too.  He gets salary plus 8% commission and full benefits!  We're so happy for him and proud of him too!  This afternoon Peter and I went with him for a quick tour of the place.  

Front of the building.  Forever Broadcasting has a couple of stations inside...which I didn't know until we got in.

The hall of studios...Froggy and Wally are amongst a few others...

Mark and Peter looking over Mark's desk.

Mark on the hunt for his football pool haha.

His desk...the one to the right was wildly decorated so it made his look so boring haha.  I told him to spice it up a bit.

The lobby inside the front door.   Very pretty!

This looks like a hall full of trash but it's actually trash bags full of presents for local families.  Every year they pick 12 families to give awesome Christmases too that would not have had any presents otherwise.

One of the studios:

The door to Wally 103.9:

Company cars...first is the Froggy mobile:

They also have the Wally van and the Hot 100 Beetle.

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