Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

It just started snowing here...and started to stick right away and it's dumped about an inch or so within the hour...I hope it keeps coming!!! I love that it's setting the scene for our date tonight :) It reminds me of our first big snow of the season which fell on Wednesday, December 5th. I was SO EXCITED! I loved waking up to this...and unexpectantly too since I hadn't watched the news the night before to know it was coming! Too bad I didn't have my snow boots yet at that point haha. It was a slow drive to work but enjoyable to see all the snow everywhere. I love love love fresh white blankets of snow. :) Here are pictures I took the morning of the snow...

As you can see from this picture...the snow was still falling :)

Our lovely pine trees covered in wonderful snow!

Us very tired since it was still early...getting ready for our commute to work...which we would soon find out would take double the normal time..

A view of our road from inside the truck...soooo pretty!

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