Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Our house is now all decorated for Christmas and it feels so cozy and warm. I love it! Here are some pictures of our decorations:

Our tree is absolutely gorgeous. I love sitting on the couch with all the lights out except for the ones on the tree. The pictures I took of it don't nearly do it justice. In this picture you can also see my toy bag from a child in the corner. NeeNee used to fill these up with toys and I swear I thought they were bigger back then :P

Last year Peter and I received these snowmen dishes as a Christmas present. They look so nice displayed with my white china:

My great Christmas village! I love this :) I bought it last year after Christmas for like 75% off each piece so the whole village was about $25, if that. I need to buy a few more little people for around the village I think. I also put out two of the handmade clay homes my aunt Pat made back in the day.

The nativity set my mom gave me:

Since we don't have a fireplace, we hung our stockings on the railing haha

The Christmas wreath I made a few years ago for my apt in college. It's made of cinnamon scented pine cones and so it smells lovely too! The ribbon started falling off this year so I had to readjust it and put it in a different spot, but I like it slightly off centered. I might have to also replace a pine cone because one got smashed in storage, but I kept all the extras so that's no big deal.

A close up with a view of the berries and greenery stuck in also:

Our awesome front porch:

Close up:

This is one of the 3 lighted swags I made. I bought 9 ft garland and punched it up to be like a swag and then wrapped lights throughout it and made bows out of some ribbon I bought. They are hanging in our front windows. Well not the dining room one yet because the screen doesn't come out easily on that one so I have to think of how to get it up.

This is our house at night...really dark but you can get the idea....see the lighted swags? haha

A close up of one of the windows with a swag in it....hard to see though

Our super cute porch!

Even Cadi's in the Christmas spirit haha. She loves the tree and we often find her sitting under it napping or just staring up into it haha. She's so cute!

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