Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where has the week gone???

Today is what? Thursday? Are you kidding me? This week went by SO FAST I can't even believe it! Wanna know what I've been up to all week? Read on...

Tuesday was a busy day...we always come home from work, have literally 10-15 minutes and head right back out to go down to the church. Usually in those few minutes I change into some lounge clothes and grab our books as we're out the door. We had a good discussion at HomeBuilders and everyone loved the crumble cake I brought with me. We actually didn't have time to finish the entire lesson because we all got too chatty with different things throughout, but that's ok because we had a good discussion the whole way through. We're just going to do the rest with our spouses and discuss next Tuesday. By the time we got home, it was almost 9 and I got a quick shower and just went to bed because I was pooped!

Wednesday was yet another busy day. I was busy at work doing a lot of clean out. I've been going through all of the stuff in my filing cabinet and the 4 huge tubs under my desk to clean out space. I didn't know what we had to keep and what we could shred when I first started so I just held onto it all. But now I realize that most of it's already been scanned into our electronic filing database and so 95% of things can be shredded. Which means I'll have to get someone to take it all upstairs to our huge industrial shredder and waste a day of my life there haha. It's basically a tedious job but I'm loving that my work area is being totally cleared out and I know what everything is now and have tons more space. My desk has literally had piles upon piles of paper on it because my entire desk-drawers, shelves, my bookshelf and filing cabinet---it was all FULL. Now that it'll all be nearly empty, I can take it over and organize it my way--much better than it was before. I love that I don't have to move piles around just to find a space to work everyday. It'll be another week or so until I'm all done with this though...*deep breath* I left work early on Wednesday to go to the dentist again. He wants to replace all of my old filings with new ones since they're all like 15 year old. So he did one and moved on to the next only to tell me this one is going to need a root canal too. I thought he was joking but sadly he's not. I'm not at all excited about it and am even considering going somewhere where they put you under while they do it. I just keep remember the last one and how painful it was for days after. :( After the dentist we went to Chick Fil A. I was still pretty numbed up (which Peter loves because I can't chew correctly or drink from a straw, etc.) He always takes me someplace like that after the dentist because I'm basically like a child and completely hate the dentist...but can you blame me?? After that we went to JCP and I found a couple of great things, but only bought some pants. I want to wait to see if the other things go on sale some more or if I can get similar things cheaper elsewhere. I love love LOVE to bargain shop. I think that anyone can buy great stuff not on sale, etc. It's when you find the bargains that are great. Like when you find something you really needed or wanted that's dirt cheap. Or when you keep your eye on something until it's 75% off. Or when random great deals pop out of nowhere! I just love it! I did get two pair of dress pants because I need some. They were buy one get one for 88 cents so I got them both for $36.88. Not bad. I've done better haha but not bad...especially since I have a pretty hard time finding pants that fit well and are long enough, etc.

Thursday was a busy day at work going through more stuff at my desk. I hope to get it done sooner than later because I'm supposed to be taking on a client and doing their HR stuff which will take a long time (and we'll need to hire an intern to assist me). I have been catching up with things that I've let go for a while though. Hopefully by this time next week I can say that I'll be all caught up and all cleaned out! After work we went to WalMart for groceries and things like shampoo, etc. I also got a new hairbrush :) I needed one so badly because my old one was getting to be so scratchy as all the little rubber tips fell off haha.

Tonight I actually got to cook dinner haha. I haven't cooked since Monday because we never eat at home Tues and Weds was the dentist appt. I made ham with a brown sugar and honey glaze, mashed potatoes, and broccoli with italian dressing and grated parmesan cheese. It was so good! Plus when I cook, we always take leftovers for lunch the following day so I'll get to have it again tomorrow. :) Lunches the past two days have been random things like yogurt, applesauce, porkroll sandwich and wheat thins with strawberry cream cheese haha. Not that I minded because I like all of those. After dinner, we discovered we have a leak in the toilet. We noticed the ceiling above the sink in the kitchen was getting discolored looking and peely. We investigated and found out that a washer inside the toilet tank had snapped a bit and was leaking just a drop or two a minute but it must have happened recently because we just noticed the ceiling. We hope that there isn't much damage and that we can just let it dry out and repaint the ceiling in that area. When we get back from the farm we are going to put a new washer inside the tank (we didn't have any to do it tonight) and hope that'll fix the problem. If not, looks like we'll need to find a good plumber in the area. We turned off the water and emptied the tank in the back too so no water can drip out while we're gone. That was a huge frustration for the night. We had already painted in the kitchen last year and just finished redoing the bathroom and are really hoping we don't have to dig the floor up or the ceiling out or anything. I guess time will tell. We didn't let that ruin our night though and even had a great time reserving our flights and rental car for our 1 year anniversary trip! I'll be off work from Friday November 15 until Monday November 26. I only have to take off 4 days though because we get Thanksgiving and the day after as paid holidays! :) I'm totally psyched to go back to Naples! We're really blessed to have such generous relatives as Aunt Grace and Uncle Michael...who I still need to meet. I hope to get to over Christmas sometime since we'll be in town for more than 1 day this time!

Tomorrow we are going right from work to Jeff's farm...should be fun! I hope the weather is nice and we'll get to see some great color changing going on! I've already seen such beautiful sights just from driving around Pittsburgh that I can only imagine the farm to be better! Plus we'll be making s'mores up there on an open campfire! :D

Peter's already snoozing away beside me. He wasn't feeling good after about 10 tonight, it just kind of came suddenly and out of nowhere. He had chills and felt warm so I gave him some tylenol (per his request haha) and hope he's feeling better tomorrow. I told him if he doesn't feel better we can't go to the farm because the best thing to do when you aren't feeling better is resting. I sure hope he's better in the morning because I think we'd all be bummed to miss the farm trip. Well I'm off to bed to rest up for tomorrow too....more cleaning at the office, yay! (Sense the sarcasm! haha)

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