Monday, October 1, 2007

It's just another manic Monday...

Whoever came up with that line/song must've known what they were talkin' about! :P Today after work Peter and I met my sister and Drew to look at a dining table/chairs set for her new apt. It was on clearance for $100 and I called to make sure it was still there and it was. Then by the time we got there it was sold! I tried having them hold it for me but the man I spoke with was kind of dumb. Then we asked to talk to him in store to see if another store would have it or if there was something we could do because Ash really liked it. He was just like buy a new one for $200. And when we asked if we could find if another store had it, he said WE would have to call. Customer service is dead! We drove to another store and they didn't have any of them. :( I felt bad bc I knew Ash liked it and was bummed. Oh well, what can ya do? I was going to just buy it when I saw it on Friday but you can't take back clearance and I was afraid if she didn't like it then I'd be out $100 and have another table and chairs haha.

It felt so late by the time we got home even though it was only 9PM! haha we're really turning into old foggies. I remember in college when it'd be 9 and we'd just be getting together to hang out haha. My how times have changed. :P

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