Sunday, October 21, 2007

Enjoying the day at home.

Since Peter still is under the weather, we had a very low-key day at home.  He wasn't feeling well in the morning so I took his temperature again and he was still running a fever of 99.4 degrees so we decided not to go to church and to just have him stay in bed, eat warm oatmeal, and take some meds.  The afternoon consisted of much of the same-rest, food, and meds.  We went outside for a little bit and burned a bunch of old branches and brush and wood in our chiminea on the back porch.  I also swept off the deck and got a bunch of my flower pots emptied and put together in a corner to get ready for the winter months.  In the next couple of weekends I'll probably put the porch furniture in the basement too.  I love fall but hate to think of the bitter cold coming.  I don't mind cold and wearing sweaters and coats, etc but when it's really cold out, I don't really like it.  Especially with no snow.  If it's cold, it might as well snow haha.  I love fresh snow before it's trampled over and turns slushy haha.  Back to today---it was really warm out today, almost 80.  

My front porch decorations are looking quite fall-ish with the pumpkins and indian corn we got at Simmons' a few weeks ago :)

The trees in our yard are looking very colorful. My favorite tree-the big maple in the backyard by the hot tub-goes from green to yellow to red as you go up the tree.  It's very beautiful but the pictures don't do it justice.

This is our front yard.  Mostly evergreen pines, but has a splash of color...

Cadi was meowing to come outside with us the whole time.  When we finally came back in, she was sitting right inside the front door, so cute!

We took showers when we came in because we smelled a bit like smoke and had some ashes in our hair haha.  After that, we watched some wild police chases on tv and I made some yummy dinner.  We had chicken tenderloins accompanied with bow-tie pasta with mushrooms and green and red bell peppers in a creamy chicken and parmesan cheese sauce.  I made up the recipe tonight and it was very good!  I also made some homemade bruschetta to go with it.  :)  I'll have a yummy lunch tomorrow to-leftovers!  

Hopefully Peter will feel better soon because this coming week will be pretty busy for us with bible studies, a benefits dinner, and going to my parents' house.  It's only 7 PM but feels later since it's getting darker out earlier.  It's almost time to fall back--which is good and bad.  Good because it won't be so dark when we get up in the mornings but bad because it'll get darker earlier.  

25 days til we leave for Naples!
35 days til our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
65 days til Christmas!

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