Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pictures from the weekend...

Since it was dark when we arrived, I took this picture Saturday as we were waiting for my mom to be ready to go to the movies.  This is my parents' place in Hollidaysburg.

My dad really is happy to see us-really!  He just always makes this face...especially when waiting for my mom haha.

A picture of me and my love on a great fall day!

We waited until this morning to head home.  I was glad because I was looking forward to seeing the mountains in full color!  This is us starting our trip up the mountain...there were rolling hills for miles and it was really gorgeous.  Pictures don't do it justice.

The following are all pictures from our drive home.  We didn't stop at all so keep in mind all of these were taken from me in the passenger side as we were driving 65 mph on the highway...pretty good for moving pictures!  I loved the trip it was such a beautiful drive!

The colors were magnificent!  I think this might be my favorite picture with all of the tree trunks visible too.  I still can't believe I got such great shots while moving!

This is driving up our pretty!

Home sweet home!

Our beautiful tree in the back has gone from green to multi color to bright red!  Peter took this picture :)  Can you see why it's my favorite tree in our yard?

Our little birdy feeder...empty because squirrels usually get it to swing back and forth and the food dumps out on the ground squirrels!

We have some leaf raking to do this week--our entire yard and deck were covered with leaves... you can't tell how much from this picture but it's a lot!  

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Andrew said...

wow such gorgeous weather and scenery