Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long Tuesday

Today was a loong day.  Having an extra day off I think makes it harder to go back to work.  Peter and I also stayed up late last night.  Well, late for us haha...almost midnight.  We were both wrecked when we got up and were dragging our feet the whole way to work.  Things didn't really change at work, I was pretty tired the whole time, even with having a cup of chai.  After work, we went home for 10 quick minutes so I could change into some comfy clothes and grab our bibles and books for HomeBuilders.  Then it was off to the church!  We had dinner and ate with Rob and Michelle and their little boy Wyatt and also with Pastor Doug.  It was a ton of fun and nice to talk to Pastor Doug for a while.  He is going to come over sometime to our house and chat some more, which should be fun!  HB was fun and we had a good chat.  With each passing week, everyone is more comfortable and open with each other.  We are already halfway through our study and I think I'll be sad when it's over.  Hopefully we can have another study of the sort and also get more involved with the Young Adults group too.  

For now I'm pooped and off to bed, hopefully to wake up not as tired tomorrow :P

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